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Your life is in your hands and your future lies in your heart.  You have the complete freedom to create the life you want – anytime.  You have unique skills, talents and abilities that serve a greater purpose and your journey in life is to awaken these seeds of potential that lie dormant within, waiting to be expressed into the world through your passion, purpose and work.


Great Spirit NZ Ltd serves the purpose to awaken and expand your potential to live your purpose and the life of your dreams and contribute to the greater good in ways that are positive, meaningful and fulfilling.  Whether you want help with personal growth or you are stepping up into a Leadership or Entrepreneurial role, Jo Hutchinson is a Personal Growth Coach, a Leadership Mentor and a Facilitator of Change who can help you realise more of your unique potential.


Discover Your Great Spirit

Igniting your Great SpiritWe live in exciting times where change and growth are everyday occurrences.  Navigating life with its many twists and turns can be an exhilarating journey as we discover and learn about ourselves as we go.  Discover your Great Spirit is the inner journey of remembering and re-claiming your inner wisdom and true potential so you can joyously express it out in the world.  Discovering your purpose is one thing – actively living it is another. It takes courage, commitment and inspired action to live it.  Your contribution is important.  Your skills, talents, passions and abilities make you unique and the world needs what you offer and the difference you can make.


Live Your Life Purpose

Finding your PurposeEveryone has a unique purpose and something unique to offer and contribute to the world.  When you live your greater purpose, you will feel an unlimited supply of passion, motivation and inspiration to fuel your life.  There will of course be challenges along the way and these are simply designed to help you grow and evolve.  It takes courage and commitment  to live fearlessly, to embrace the life of your dreams and make a positive difference on this planet.  Discover your purpose, then make a plan to live it day by day.

You Can Make a Difference

Change and GrowthIt is no longer enough to think about ourselves.  We must take a collective responsibility to address the issues we face on the planet today to restore balance, harmony and peace. Everyone has the right to be treated equally, with love, and respect.  We are each a thread of a much larger tapestry, something much bigger than ourselves.  Everything is connected and the journey in life is to remember and re-claim our inner wisdom and live life from the heart.

The ancients knew how to live in peace and harmony with the Earth and today, many of our indigenous people still live by these truths.  They understand the inter-connectedness of all things and can hear the voice of spirit in all things.  The time is now to bridge the wisdom of the ages to life today on our planet and create our future Earth with a higher vision of love, peace, harmony, joy and well-being for all.

Live your purpose – that is the  journey.  It’s time to step up to this age of change, to contribute to the greater good, to remember who you are and why you are here, to be at ONE with the Earth and all that reside on it and to use your talents and skills in ways that make a difference.  One person can make a difference – Be that One.

Jo Hutchinson is passionate about people and their growth.  She is a Personal Growth Coach, a Leadership Mentor and Facilitator of Change.  She helps people unlock their potential, feel empowered to live life with passion and purpose.  What are you waiting for?  Create the life you are destined to live now.

What people are saying

Read more client testimonials and see how you can live an inspired life.

I loved my sessions with Jo. She is a highly skilled, perceptive, clear facilitator. Jo gently guided each session in a way which allowed me to gain some powerful insights regarding my thinking and behaviour in a particular area of my life. As a result I was able to make powerful changes. This has made an amazing difference to my life! I wholeheartedly recommend her.
PB, Auckland
I would like to sincerely thank you for your support and guidance to help me through me recent difficult moments. Prior to seeing you I was “stuck”, and overwhelmed – in relation to matters of great significance and importance in my life. Through your coaching, you provided me with a very clear perspective, and helped me to formulate a plan.
BS, Auckland
Thank you so much for your energy, input and encouragement. I really enjoyed the session and I am amazed how much it has helped on day 1. I wore blue today and have just completed my CV and sent it off for a role I saw a week ago. Thank you again and I will keep you posted.
CR, Auckland
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