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Our vision is a world where all people prosper.  We are committed to helping people to a better quality of life and are are supporting the following initiatives:



Kiva – “loans that change lives”.  Kiva allows you to lend to specific entrepreneurs empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty.

Everyone can make a positive contribution to change lives and create a world where all people prosper.   We love  these micro-loans.  With just US$25, this money is pooled with other lenders across the world and you can choose who you lend the money too. When the money is repaid, you can either re-lend it or request to have it returned to you.

We started out with US$650 of loans that we’ve been lending to Kiva for more than 7 years.  As at June 2017, the  impact we’ve made is now 125 loans in 25 countries worth US$3,575.00  As they are re-paid, we continue to re-lend the money to new entrepreneurs, thus supporting our vision of “a world where all people prosper” and contributing to sustainable ways to build self-sufficient communities.

You can loan money personally through this link or you can pool this money with us.  Either way, you will receive electronic updates on the repayments which shows you how you are helping to change lives.

The Good Samaritan Orphanage – Egypt

This orphanage has been established for special needs children that have been abandoned by their families in Luxor.

Following a visit to Egypt in 2010, Jo was so taken with the people of Egypt that she went on to find a local orphanage to help children to a better quality of life.  She wrote a book called “The Call to the Desert” as a way of raising funds to support the orphanage’s running costs and to help in expanding their school to reach more special needs children.  She raised US$878 from sales of the book and donations from her clients to assist them in their projects.

She last visited them in January 2012 and was so inspired by the great progress they continue to make.  They continue to tackle real everyday issues and now have underway a project to deliver food parcels to very poor villages.