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16 08, 2019

Are You Well? by Jo Hutchinson

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What started out as a routine visit to my Doctor to check out my knee ended up being an unexpected wellbeing revelation.  About two months ago, I was walking swiftly to catch the ferry.  I glanced up to look to the harbour when unwittingly the front of my shoe stumbled on the uneven path where [...]

15 12, 2017

What are your Most Important Things?

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Endings prepare us for new beginnings.  The sun-sets on another year as Christmas lurks just around the corner.  This year more so than other years has flown by and I was glad back in August that I carved out some creative time to reflect on my most important things and get more focussed on my [...]

12 08, 2016

Leadership Matters – Survive or Thrive?

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No matter where we look – at work, at school, in our community, in our country, in politics, in sport or in our world, we see leadership in action in a myriad of ways.  Some of it is inspiring; some of it is corrupt and lacks integrity.  Whichever way you see it, leadership matters and [...]