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”I believe people have tremendous  potential to create positive change in the workplace and in the world and I’m passionate about igniting the spark, helping people lead confidently, live courageously and be a force for good.”  Joanne Hutchinson

Lead Confidently – 3 Key Benefits

#1  More self-awareness means you’ll make better choices and decisions that yield positive impacts.  By being who you are and aligning with what you value turbo-charges confidence and performance.  We must first have a deep understanding of our-self as a foundation to understanding others more successfully.  Today’s work is all about connecting and collaborating with people so building effective relationships is vital.

#2  More meaning and fulfillment creates energy. When you are clear about what your bigger purpose is and what you stand for, you’ll be playing a bigger game.  Confidence comes from leveraging your your talents into strengths and doing more of what you are passionate about.  It is energizing and inspiring.  Imagine the difference you can make today and the legacy you’ll leave for the future.  Let your purpose define you.

#3  Being authentic is all about being true to who you are and bringing all of you to the workplace – that is head, heart and spirit.  You are you and we need you to be authentic and share your uniqueness.  You are born to stand out and shine and you’ll feel so much more confident when you’re not trying to blend in or be someone you’re not.  Now is the time to embrace diversity and allow everyone to be authentic.

The Leadership Journey

Authentic Leader

Your leadership purpose is unique to you.  Your goal is to discover it and live it!

Whether you are a new leader, an emerging leader, or a seasoned leader, the path of leadership is an ongoing journey of discovery, self- awareness and growth.

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Lead Confidently – Mentoring Programme

To lead authentically is to honour your natural strengths, talents, passions and abilities.  It is an evolutionary journey where you’re in charge and my role is to guide the conversation to help you awaken the inner leader, connect with your greater purpose and help you express it by taking inspired action.

The most effective results are gained by making the commitment to grow and be your best self.  It takes time to integrate new ways of thinking and being and integrate the lessons learned.

Leadership Development 1 hour $3oo +GST

Leadership Coaching Package 6 months $1800 +GST

Discover your Leadership Purpose $450 +GST

Terms and Conditions

Full payment is required prior to the mentoring session.  If the session is cancelled within 24 hours, no refund will be given.  If cancellation occurs within 24-48 hours of the session, a 50% refund will apply.  In either case, the session may be re-scheduled to another agreed day or time once, without incurring any additional cost.

“I have been fortunate to work with Jo in both a personal coaching and facilitation capacity. Jo has played a critical role in my career journey and I believe I’m a confident authentic leader as a result of her contribution to my leadership growth.  Her passion to install executives with a greater level of confidence continues to manifest in some amazing outcomes.  I have valued Jo’s deep and present listening skills, as often as a CEO it is difficult to discuss situations within the realm of the business.  She has pushed me to lean into situations outside my comfort zone enabling me to be the best version of myself by making good choices.  Without a doubt I would not have achieved my current role without her continued belief, guidance and valuable coaching advice. ” Nadine Tereora

“Jo has had an enormous impact on my career. Starting as a highly raw and naïve country boy I had no idea about what good management looked like or that it would be something that I could ever aspire to achieve. Jo was instrumental is coaching me in becoming an authentic leader. She taught me how to stay true to myself and my values while crafting awareness and leadership tools that allows me to lead others from different backgrounds. She both personally coached me and also led by example, backing up her words with her day to day deeds. Jo is a highly experienced leader and senior executive but yet she has retained that passion and energy of a new leader. If you are looking to develop your leadership, coaching or company culture skills then I’d highly recommend talking to Jo.”  Evan Bateup Group HR Manager Vista Entertainment