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Rise Up, Stand in your Light and Fearlessly Lead the Way?

I help people who are self-aware connect to their spirit, develop their inner leader and empower others.

It’s for people who are serious about stepping into their power to grow, to envision a new future, stand in a greater purpose and who want to feel confident to go after what they truly want.

Specifically, I love to work with people:

  1. Who are eager to transform and lead
  2. Have a burning desire to personally succeed and grow
  3. Are willing to invest in themselves
  4. Are commited to doing the work
  5. Who are self-aware, ready to challenge their limits and value themselves.

The people I have been mentoring so far having been getting huge breakthroughs, profound insights and feel empowered to take action. They are excited about the future they’re creating.  If this sounds like you, reach out and let’s book in a FREE Empowerment Call to see how I can help you – scroll down to BOOK NOW.


If you’re ready to break through limits, finally stand in your power and create a bigger future, I invite you to reach out – Book your FREE Empowerment call NOW and let’s talk …


Working with me is going to give you the skill set, tools and strategies to do just this and allow you the transformation that you have been waiting for. This is an inner journey of self discovery, illumination and growth – a life changing experience for you to embark on… together.

The fusion of leadership knowledge and spiritual wisdom for a new world.  There has never been a better time to lead. To create impact. With heart. 

My Vision – Co-creating a World Where All People Prosper

Great Spirit - Ignite The Spark with Jo HutchinsonI believe that we are co-creators of our own destiny and that there is endless possibility and potential to create and re-create our preferred future.  Every person on the planet has a unique contribution to make using their innate talents and gifts for a greater purpose.  And every organisation has the potential to stand for something beyond profit and contribute to the well-being of the whole.

My vision is ‘co-creating a world where all people prosper’ and my purpose in that vision is to ‘ignite the spark’ in you.  I embrace the principles of being as light as a feather (pure of heart), being lion-hearted (courageous), standing together as One (unity) and honouring our collective wisdom.

Feel inspired and empowered to create new futures, lead with heart and serve a bigger purpose for the greater good. 

”People have a tremendous capability to create positive change in the world and I’m passionate about ‘igniting the spark’ to help people discover their greater purpose, use their skills and talents to make the word a better place.”

Perceptive and insightful, founder Joanne (Jo) Hutchinson sees potential in people then helps them see it in themselves.

She says “for as long as I can remember, my passion has always been centred on growing and developing people.  What lights my fire is the potential that we all have and it really is exciting to me as to what we could achieve if we were all living our purpose and fulfilling our potential (just imagine how different the world would be!).

I’ve lived my purpose in many different roles and industries over the years and naturally I’ve grown as a person and as a leader along the way.  I am gifted with understanding people and I see beyond fear and limitation to see the real spark or essence within someone.  People say that I have an incredible ability to get to the heart of the matter and my job is simply to light that inner fire and help you see it, feel it and Become your EnLightened self.

I wish there were words to describe the excitement I feel when I see that spark igniting.  Whether I am working as a Leadership Coach, Mentor, or Facilitator, there is nothing more powerful than seeing people excited, inspired and passionate about contributing positive change and impact.

I don’t know if I can help you, but I do know that if you are committed to change and growth and really stepping up to be authentic as a leader, then we’d definitely have a strong foundation to work together. Leadership is an ever evolving  journey of growth and your impact can change lives.”

Joanne Hutchinson

“Individually we are one drop, TOGETHER we are an ocean.”

What people are saying

I have been fortunate to work with Jo in both a personal coaching and facilitation capacity. Jo has played a critical role in my career journey and I believe I’m a confident authentic leader as a result of her contribution to my leadership growth. Her passion to install executives with a greater level of confidence continues to manifest in some amazing outcomes.  I have valued Jo’s deep and present listening skills, as often as a CEO it is difficult to discuss situations within the realm of the business.  She has pushed me to lean into situations outside my comfort zone enabling me to be the best version of myself by making good choices.  Without a doubt I would not have achieved my current role without her continued belief, guidance and valuable coaching advice.

Nadine Tereora - CEO, Auckland
Jo has helped me out a number of times by providing mentorship and support over the years. This support gave me clarity and direction for my career and also guidance and insight in how to be a more effective leader.  She at times has also coached my teams which helped to build a close knit team, increase engagement and we have gone on to deliver incredible results.  Jo has a natural affinity to mentor people to help them achieve their goals, both personal and professional.
Richard Raj - Frucor Beverages, Auckland
In my time working for and with Jo, I have found her to be a leadership inspiration. A true example of how a leader should be. As an up and coming leader, I learned bucket loads from her. Jo helped me realise that it is ok to think outside the square and to do things differently. She also helped me grow my understanding of the value of strong relationships. If you are looking for a mentor or executive coach, I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Jo.
Emma Horgan CEO Regenerative Ltd, Hawkes Bay

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