May brings an opportunity to re-think and change things up. We seek more freedom, movement and new adventures – in short, new experiences.

How are you doing during these extraordinary weeks that have slipped into months?  The weeks of being in lockdown, from home-schooling, being on the front line, having COVID-19 or simply on a forced break – it’s been a time of great disruption for us all. 

Everyone has been affected in some small or big way. Including the life on the planet – freed of pollution and the negative human impacts.  She’s had a breather and an opportunity to rest and restore. So, what’s up in May?

Where Are We Now?

We are in the 5th month of this new decade and wow, what a ride it has been.  Full of ups and downs, sudden change, and unexpected surprises.  Joy. Sorrow. Grief. Anger. Compassion. Heartbreak. Love.  We’re experiencing and navigating waves of unprecedented change.

Can you remember how we started the year? 

Australia was on fire – the loss of life unbelievably ‘unprecedented’ even though that was a word we didn’t use back then.  I remember the 5th of January when our skies turned a dirty orange brown, awash with smoke billowing some 2,000kms away.  How could this be?  The day started with a clear blue sky punctuated with streaming bright yellow sunshine.  Then as time wandered by, like a candle, the light simply was extinguished in one puff. Darkness descended upon us while smoke filled our lungs leaving a burnt toast taste in the mouth even though it was only early afternoon. 

We’d never seen anything like this – instead, we’d marvelled over the tantalizing sunsets with their fiery hues dancing in our skies while mourning the loss of life our cousins across the Tasman Sea faced.  Unbelievably ‘unprecedented’ we exclaimed, as we prayed for rain, prayed for life and donated what we could to save the cute cuddly koalas. 

Acts of bravery and compassion filled our hearts as our news and Facebook feeds filled with stories of every-day people, and volunteer fire-fighters who became our hero’s.  Emergency centres sprung up to help the wounded animals, their horrific burns raging tears down our distraught faces, forever etched in our memories while we witnessed the endless suffering of innocent victims and the death of life itself. 

Hearts opened – money flowed and support over-flowed.  We united in our hearts, with love, anger and compassion – this was no longer Australia’s problem but our collective global problem …

In February, we were enjoying our long hot summer, lazing at the cafes, swimming in the warm waters and playing cricket on the beach.  Enjoying barbeques with friends, and late walks to catch the sunset and last glimpse of light.  Gleefully watching the swift veraison as the hot sun whipped up the ripening of the grapevines giving rise to a promising bumper vintage.  Things were looking up.

Then, on the 28th of February, we recorded our first case of COVID-19.

A milestone moment.

By mid to late March, COVID-19 had taken the world by surprise causing a rapid-fire round of shutting down international borders leading to 3 billion or 39% of the population [i] in some form of lockdown.  Suddenly, flights and travel plans were thrown into chaos and left hanging in the air. 

Uncertainty took centre stage. 

Toilet paper ran out.

Fear set in.

Not only did tourism dry up, but much of the country was ravaged with drought, creating water shortages with eight-week delays for those living on water tanks like me.  

My plants withered up, barely breathing and desperate for relief.  The lush green forest now hid inner death – dark ghana brittle leaves littering the forest floor and giants that stood to attention stripped of life and their dignity.  In February, I wrote that water would become a greater issue – which can mean many things like extremes such as having too much, causing flooding like on the West Coast or not enough like in the North.  Then are the issues around the water quality – is it safe to drink, to swim in? What about the marine life?  Is there life in this water?

We notice extremes. 

Extremes teach us balance. 

The mid-point is the point we want to aim for.

To adapt to.

Our environment teaches us about balance, health, regeneration, and wellbeing.  Without a healthy environment, we will not thrive.  Nor will life.

Disruption interrupts habitual patterns and catapults us out of stale thinking and ways of being that kept us cosy in our pyjama’s of comfort zone.

But growth only happens outside of it. 

Disruption as de-stabilizing as it may be ignites the call to a new adventure, a catalyst for a new world order, new innovations and a new way of being.

Think About It

In these last two months, how has the lockdown benefited you?  What has it enabled you to notice? What’s not been working for you pre-Covid and who will you BE post-Covid?  It’s ironic that what wasn’t working hasn’t been working for aeons of time and yet we largely ignored the call. 

Now the rallying cry has screamed across our communities, countries and world.  Unifying our common-ness, our common humanity, our hearts, and our world. 

An awakening.

Of humanity.

And what it means to be human.

To be connected and realise our inter-connectedness.

No-one is immune to the impacts of Covid, the bush fires, the shortage of water, the quality of our food. The impacts big or small influence us all.  Me and you. Positive or negative. Everyone has been affected or infected with the emotions of loss, fear, compassion, illness, love, joy, peace, unity, and purpose.

April was the cataclysm that shook the foundations of our world.

The health of our world.

And the world we live in … together.

What to Expect?

Every month is a new month and May ushers in a new energetic frequency.  One aligned with going back to re-think things. Re-thinking what it means to be free.

Re-thinking freedom.

Freeing yourself from the ways you limit yourself.  That rob you of joy.  And inner peace.  And wellbeing.

Creating more freedom to be you, to express and live the life that empowers your freedom. 

To shake things up and change things around.

To re-think who you want to be. 

And to think about embracing the essence of the word’s ‘acceptance’ and ‘adaptability’.  Accept this new reality and adapt as you go.

Change is not to be feared but rather welcomed. Look at what you learned in these last 4-6 weeks and adapt to the changing world.  Adapt to how you want to create your world.  Your life.  How do you want it to be?

Dance … Flow

Imagine a couple dancing.  Connected.  Being an individual yet simultaneously a couple and part of something bigger.  In flow.  Knowing.  In tune.  Each move flows into the next with grace and ease creating a rhythmic expression of movement. 

This is a great analogy of the time you are in.  You can change direction, pivot and adapt a sequence of moves that flow freely with the energies that support you.  Don’t get fixated on things having to be a certain way.  Rather allow it to be like a dance where you as a choreographer can change and adapt to the flow anytime. To create the masterpiece.

The Way Forward

May brings change and a re-think. 

Internally driven change.  That’s change that comes from within.  Change that empowers. 

Having experienced lockdown for the last month or so, now as you emerge back into the outer world and regain more freedom, adapt to the flow. Re-think what’s important to you, the difference you can make and BE the change you want to see in the world.

Go deeper within yourself to find the answers. 

Accept, adapt and balance.  Bring yourself back to a place of calm and centredness when you notice you are out of balance. 

Dance.  Imagine this as a dance where you allow the energetic flow to move you and move through you.


Make your health a priority.  Strengthen your immune system.  Think about and observe the environment you are living and working in.  How does it serve you?  The modern-day stresses of long hours, unfulfilling work, financial pressures, doubt, anxiety and high stress all weaken the immune system. What can you do to change this?


Notice how you are responding to what is going on around you – are you consuming every piece of news, or do you check-in for an update, then carry on with what’s important to you?  Are your dominant thoughts fear or love-based? 


Change what needs changing so that you can create balance and harmony with the whole. Systems and structures that do not work need to be changed.  Are you working yourself tirelessly and sacrificing your health, happiness and immunity?  


Re-think where your food is coming from and the state of the environment in which it is created – the soil, the water and the air.  They all affect your immune system.  Notice the energy of the environment in which you work – how happy is it?  Your immunity is affected by the things you do not see like toxic water filled with leaking radiation from Fukushima, pollution in the air, and GMO’s. 

REMEMBER, your immune system knows exactly what to do and works best when it is not compromised by dis-ease. 

Re-think the thoughts you think, the fears you feel, the food you consume, the rest you take, or the stresses you inhale. Make it a priority to invest in your wellbeing.


Embrace the possibilities – ask yourself what is possible now?  Change is not be feared, rather it is the call to adventure.  To a new you.  An evolution of you. 


And honour your new hero’s.  Who lead selflessly. With love. For a greater purpose. For the wellbeing of the whole.

Know that you are a powerful co-creator – activate the creative energy within you to create the change you want to see in the world. 

Re-think who you want to BE.

Stay in your heart.  Allow it to guide you.  Give it the power and authority to lead you on your most joyful life and greatest path of service.

There has never been a better time.

To stand up. To stand together.  To be counted.

To be human. Perfect and imperfect.

To re-think. 

To … Change. Adapt. Accept.  Allow. Dance.

It’s all good.

Much love,

Jo xx


Jo Hutchinson MBA

Virtual Leadership Coach for The Path of the Enlightened Leader and Reiki Master Practitioner

e.  m. +64 27 414 4291 w.

Footnote [i]

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“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
— Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States

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