by Jo Hutchinson MBA

As the torrent of water flowed through the spouting, feeding my hungry water tank, I also noted the glee in the garden with the plants being nourished by this non-stop flow of rain.  Yes, that’s what it’s all about I thought – the 3Fs for February 2021 – flow, flexibility, and freedom.

Parched land, browned, lifeless from weeks of the hot fiery sun and near drought conditions made this rain welcomed for the life-giving properties it brings.  The land will once again be cleansed, revitalised, and surge back to life.

Water nourishes, cleanses and simply, flows.  A raindrop does not hold onto anything, rather it allows itself to slide down the window, express itself in a form and be carried to a new shore.

Which is just like us if we allow ourselves to go with the flow.  To release the handbrake of resistance. Those blocks we consciously or unconsciously put in our own way that stop flow, fluidity, and freedom.

There’s a saying: “You can’t squeeze a fist full of water.  The harder you squeeze, the faster it runs out.  Yet, when you release your grip, the water flows.”  It’s the same for us.  Sometimes we grip so tightly and try to control things to be a certain way, when in truth there’s a better and easier way.  Maybe our rigid plan we cling to needs a Plan B. 

The path of least resistance.  When we surrender control and put our faith in trust in the Universe, miraculous things unfold.

Water then, represents life, flow, and movement. 

In contrast, only a few hours ago, Auckland jumped from Level 1 to Level 3 COVID restrictions, which placed amongst other things limits on physical movement.  Here we see a natural polarity between two dynamics at play – movement and restriction.

Reflecting on this, acceptance sprouted into my mind.  Accept things as they are.  Resist the temptation to label things – just let them be as they are – neither good nor bad.  Don’t try and control things to be a certain way.  Let go of any anger or frustration and accept that right now, you need to be here.  Be here now, at home, for whatever reason and know that it serves a bigger purpose.  Be in the moment.  Present.  Not lamenting on the past or future tripping into anxiety.

So, although our freedoms may be restricted, freedom ultimately comes from within.  You could be imprisoned in jail and feel free, or you could be free and imprisoned in your mind.  How can you surrender your thinking and focus on what’s within your control, versus what’s not?  What new opportunities are presenting themselves to you?  What new strategies could you try?  Where can you be ‘freer’ to express your true self and your greater purpose?

Allow the external restrictions to be a catalyst for flow and inner movement.  Maybe this moment of being forced to ‘stop’ brings a new insight, or idea that allows something new to unfold.  Do not be bound by the past but be carried by the current of life to a new shore.  It requires courage to have faith and trust in the unknown.

Change is the nature of the Universe.  It requires us to adapt, be fluid and flexible.  It tests our ability to accept things as they are, let go of control and trust ourselves to flow with change and unpredictability, to be receptive and fluid to the unlimited possibilities that lie before and within us. 

The 3F’s for February 2021, embrace them – flow, flexibility, and freedom.  Notice in your mind and emotions where you feel stuck for there is no flow, where you feel inflexible for there is rigidity and where you feel restricted for there is no freedom.  Adapt to the changes that are needed now and allow yourself to flow once more into this new world we are creating.

Much love,

Jo Hutchinson MBA
Visionary ǀ EnLightened Leadership Coach ǀ Reiki Master
Great Spirit NZ

Jo Hutchinson is a Visionary, Founder of ‘The Path of the EnLightened Leader Program™’, a Reiki Master and Facilitator of Inner Journeys on Waiheke Island.  She inspires people to own their power, transcend limits, create and discover their pathway to fulfilling a greater purpose.

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