by Jo Hutchinson

June offers us a big month of transformation.  As I write we are between two eclipses which can rapidly catapult us in new directions that feel more aligned with our soul’s purpose.

Expect things to shift.

June also offers us the change of season with the solstice just weeks away.  This important marker signals winter in the Southern Hemisphere and summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  A time where the light is at its shortest, or longest respectively.

Plus, we have Matariki, the Maori New Year that  celebrates the rising of the Pleiades cluster.  From a Maori worldview, each star holds a certain significance for our environment and wellbeing.

So, there’s a lot going on in the skies above!

From a practical perspective, here’s my top 3 tips to help you navigate this month:

#1. Let Go
For those of us down-under, these next few weeks finalise the autumn harvest. Witness the falling leaves and let the old fall away so you can embrace what’s next for you in your journey.  Do not resist that which is ready to be let go of.  Allow yourself to shed an old skin.

If you’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed with more on your never ending ‘to do’ list, then it’s time to stop.  Give yourself a break and take a well-earned rest.  Look at how you are living your life, and reassess your priorities.  Stop trying to do everything, ask for help and invest in things that restore your energy.  Remember ‘your health is your wealth’ and the negative impacts of stress are cumulative and what lead to dis-ease.

#2. Celebrate
Look back over this last cycle and even back to the beginning of the year and celebrate your achievements and victories.  I love the way that sometimes the things that weren’t on our ‘to do’ list end up being the things that bought us such joy.  I know for me that since February I’ve walked 500km’s and that wasn’t something I intentionally set out to do.  But now, it has become a way of life.  I love it so much; my body feels better for it, and it feeds my soul.  Now it’s sparking bigger adventures!

Equally I had things planned in my business that I launched that flopped.  These are worthy to celebrate too because our ‘failures’ contain the magic of growth, fuel states of curiosity and allow us to try something new.  Remember that there are many paths to our ultimate destination.

Be grateful for the victories and the strength you’ve gained in overcoming challenges, obstacles, and setbacks.

#3. Flow
One thing I have learned this season is not to stick to any ‘one way’.  Things that once worked stop working and so on.  We are learning to adapt as we go.  The most powerful thing you can do is listen to your heart and intuition.  Then act on it.  Allow things to unfold and flow.  Let go as per #1 and welcome in universal synchronicity to work for you. 

In summary, expect transformation and some big shifts this month.  Let go, celebrate, and go with the flow.  If you’re needing coaching or energy healing support, reach out – I’d love to help you.
With much love and appreciation,
Jo xx
Jo Hutchinson MBA
Visionary ǀ EnLightened Leadership Coach ǀ Reiki Master
Great Spirit NZ

PS – I am stoked to be launching my newest book later this month. “From the Boardroom to the Backpack – The Courage to Be You”.  Filled with wisdom and created to inspire your evolution – I have been called to write it for some time so now it has manifested from thought into form…

Jo Hutchinson is a Visionary, Founder of ‘The Path of the EnLightened Leader Program™’, a Reiki Master and Facilitator of Leadership Journeys on Waiheke Island.  She works with conscious leaders and inspires them to own their power, face their fears, and discover their pathway to fulfilling a greater purpose.

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