Celebrating Matariki – The Dawning of a New Cycle

We’ve just passed the winter solstice point which in the Southern Hemisphere means that we have passed the shortest day.  It signifies that the day light is now slowly increasing until we reach the summer solstice point in 6 months’ time. 

In ancient times and in many ancient cultures, temples were built to honour and mark the change of the season as observed and recorded by the star movements in the night sky.  Of particular importance were the solstices and equinoxes which were markers of time and seasons and were celebrated in honour of the great cycle of life.  With careful consideration and knowledge, they foretold the conditions ahead which helped people determine for example when to navigate the oceans and when to plant crops to enable sustenance and prosperity for all.  

In Aotearoa/New Zealand, Matariki is a time of celebration for our indigenous Maori.  Although the vast majority of people use the traditional Gregorian calendar where we celebrate New Year on the 1st of January, there are many other calendars still in use today.  The Maori New Year is not specific to a date, rather it is different every year as it based on astronomical movements and depends on the Pleiadean constellation (also known as the 7 Sisters) becoming visible in the dawn sky.  Long considered to be the New Year, it was a time of celebrating with family and friends, a time of acknowledging those who have passed away and the legacy they have left, and a time to prepare for a new beginning or a new cycle.

In ancient Egypt, the New Year was determined by the return of the star Sirius which marked the time when the Nile waters rose and then flooded the lands bringing mineral rich nutrients to the soil.  It was celebrated for the abundance it brings.

To the ancient Greeks, sailing was timed with the visibility of the Pleaides.

There is much that has been written about myth and mystery and it is a fascinating subject that traverses all cultures. 

The common theme amongst all calendars is the ability to define time and a cycle.  The cycle of nature is considered to be birth, growth and harvest and each season has its unique energy signature that we can align with and use in our life.

Winter is a time to go within.  The shorter and colder days naturally lend themselves to spending more time indoors.  In nature, we see animal behaviour like hibernation and plants that ‘die’ or conserve their energy over the winter months as they await the spring. 

This is a pattern or cycle that we too can utilise.  Now is the time to think about the seeds you want to plant to catch the spring growth. 

Now is a lovely time to reconnect with your dreams and re-define what’s important to you, perhaps creating a new Vision Board to inspire you to new heights. 

I’d encourage you to take some time out, just for you, to work on you and the life you want to create that enriches and nourishes your spirit and your greater purpose.  What do you need?  What supports and sustains you? What’s next? 

Prepare your inner garden so that the seeds and intentions that you plant are supported on a solid foundation and will enable actiions that yields a prosperous harvest in the following seasons.

Much love



Jo Hutchinson

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Jo Hutchinson is a facilitator of change, an intuitive coach and a freelance writer.  She helps people discover their potential and hidden talents and inspires them to courageously take action to live life with purpose and passion.

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Jo Hutchinson is a facilitator of change, an intuitive coach and a freelance writer.  She helps people discover their potential and hidden talents and inspires them to courageously take action to live life with purpose and passion.

“Every seed has its own built in tree.  A forester does not need to put the tree in the seed; his work is to nurture the seed and help to bring the tree out of it.”  

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