It was a hot sunny Saturday and I’d finished work for the day. Driving home, I was virtually on my doorstep when the inevitable happened.

As I backed my car into my tricky steep driveway, I inadvertently clipped the fence post which caught on the mudguard and bumper, dismembering them from the car. All it took was 1 second – just one momentarily lapse of concentration left me with an un-driveable car despite the fact that I’ve reversed into the driveway countless times.

Experience in this case, made no difference.

If it’s true that everything happens for a reason, then I was left wondering what the reason was. Sure, I created the event and can take responsibility for that but I wondered why I created this event in the first place. Why now and what really was this all about?

The next day, I rang the Automobile Association who despatched someone to assist – all done automatically without speaking to a real person. I was quite impressed that they could confirm within an hour that someone would be here.

A few minutes later, the phone rang and a real person did speak to me to ascertain the nature of the incident. It was a bit hard to explain and I’m sure they must have heard some real doozies but they remained polite, helpful and obliging, confirming that someone would be here soon.

Just like clockwork, the service man arrived, assessed the situation and proceeded to remove the bumper and cut the mudguard off. It was all done and dusted in 30 minutes and even though it was legally drive-able I refrained, deciding instead to just get it to the panel-beaters on Monday.

My next thought was to jump on a bus and get up to the shops to pick up a few supplies so I trotted off down the road to the bus stop thinking how convenient it is to have a car to run these small errands. Waiting at the bus stop, I was head-down texting a friend when a car stopped.  I looked up to find a friend of mine there offering me a lift. What perfect timing I thought and yes, I’d love a lift, unbeknown to me they were in fact going in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. Later, they offered me the use of their car if need be, which was a very kind and generous offer.

They dropped me off and bade me farewell. As I waved goodbye, I felt very humbled knowing that indeed they had actually gone right out their way to help me.

I decided to grab a coffee and sat sipping it in the sun, just enjoying a moment to myself as I people-watched. It was a busy Sunday morning with bus-loads of visitors wandering slowly around the village.

The time came to move on so I went about completing the shopping, then with time on my hands until the next bus came, I randomly popped into a few other shops. By chance, I bumped into and got talking with someone else I know who also offered me the use of their car.

I caught the bus home and enjoyed the gentle stroll home along the forest laden winding road. Yes, I thought, it had been sometime since I’d even been out walking the tracks around my house. Life had become relentlessly busy with work and other priorities.

As I returned home, I sat in awe of the generosity and kindness bestowed upon me. And, in the knowing that not having a car right now had got me out walking and how much I’d enjoyed it.

How wonderful it is to live in a community where people care and help each other out. It’s what life is all about – living, loving and giving without expectation or condition. We never know what’s around the corner and we never know what help or support we can give or might need, yet we are all connected and all in this together.

The truth of our spirit is not measure by what we get, but rather on what we give freely with no conditions attached. I like to think of this as Love in Action. It’s not something that can be bought; it is something that can only be felt – a true taonga or treasure.

So if everything happens for a reason, then my mishap served the purpose to remind me of all the good out there and what a beautiful world we live in.

With love and joyful wishes,
Jo Hutchinson
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