Who is The #1 Most Important Person in Your Life?

Perhaps it’s just that it’s nearing the end of winter, but I’ve noticed 3 things:

#1.  that a lot of people have been really sick, or

#2.  are going through some really big life changes and/or

#3.  are feeling the pressure, more so now than ever before.

I know we’ve all done it.  Pushed our bodies, minds and spirits to the limit – even when we know better and know that it’s not sustainable – we still do it. 

Somewhere along the way though, we usually end up paying the price for it whether we fall sick or something else happens.  Often, it serves an important purpose to help us stop and ideally recognise that it is time to make some changes.

But knowing something isn’t always enough – it’s acting on that knowledge that counts… because we always have a choice.  And we get to decide what we do and don’t do. 

But, it’s always a choice.

So who is the #1 most important person in your life?

I believe it is YOU.  And taking care of you is your #1 priority for whatever you want to Be, Do or Have.

It’s more than a luxury; self-care is a practise.  A practise where you put your needs at the top of the list and engage in a daily ritual that works for you, that keeps you feeling energised, positive and clear. 

There are little things you can do and bigger ones depending on your preferences, schedule and commitments.

I like to think of the little things as things that you sneak in to your day like 5 minutes of focussed breathing that enables you to feel calm, centred and grounded.  Think of it like little pockets of time that give you a breather and bring you back to a place of balance.

Then there are the bigger things like how you start your day and how you schedule your time so it includes down time, or play time.  By the way, play time is not just for kids – it’s fundamental to creativity giving us space to think differently, to innovate, explore ideas, relax and have fun.  It allows us to access our intuitive right brain.

Fun is good and like a barometer, it energises and refreshes the body-mind-spirit.  It’s one of the most useful tools I use to know if I’m on track (or not).

I am lucky enough to support some amazing people who are out there creating their big dreams, step by step, day by day.  And I know that to succeed, one of the most important steps they will ever take is a commitment to self-care – that is taking care of the most important person – themselves.  And I don’t mean that in a self-centred way.  I mean it as an enabler to take care of others, as an enabler to contribute to their highest potential, to live a meaningful and fulfilling life with all the roles and responsibilities that we all have.

Just as I’ve been reflecting on my own self-care needs, I realised that there is more I can do to help my clients with their self-care too. 

So, I rang up my friend Elizabeth Meadows.  She’s a Jin Shin Jitsu practitioner who I’ve known for years.  She is one of my ‘go to’ people when I feel in need for some self-care, to relax and restore my energy.

You might be wondering what Jin Shin Jitsu is.  Well it’s been around for a while – actually a really long time. 

It originated in Japan over 500 years ago and is a form of acupressure.  No needles, just gentle holds that work the meridians to get energy flowing again.  It’s so relaxing that I admit to having fallen asleep in a session before now!  But that’s OK – Liz says it happens all the time.

What I do know is, that it works.

And I know too that Jin Shin Jitsu is a good example of something that fits in nicely with coaching and mentoring programmes especially when we are making changes.  The body-mind-spirit are all inter-connected and work as one, so when we work on one area, we naturally affect the others. 

So I said to Liz –‘what can you do for my clients?’

And she has come back with this great offer just for you.  You can get 1 session which is 1.5 hours for $100 (normally $120) or get 3 for $240 (normally $360 so you’re getting 1 for FREE).  Three sessions over the next 3 months will take you through till Christmas – sounds perfect :-)

Check her out www.nousoma.co.nz or get on the phone and give her a call 09 521 1794.  You’ll need to act quickly as this offer is valid till the 30 September 2015 and she gets booked up fast.

And I’ll be running 3 Group Friday Self Care days over on Waiheke, but more on that later…

For now…it’s all about you.

Give yourself permission and make self care your #1 priority.  You’ll be glad that you did.

Wishing you much love and success, always



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