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Joanne Hutchinson MBA
Joanne Hutchinson MBAFounder

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, it’s ourselves” Sir Ed Hillary

Meet Team Development Facilitator and Executive Mentor – Joanne (Jo) Hutchinson MBA

Joanne Hutchinson is a natural leader and an entrepreneur. As a high-level professional, Joanne has extensive experience in financial services and the corporate world. She helmed a $4 million business group of a multinational company by 23, earned her MBA before 30. By the time she was 30, she was a Finalist for the Young Executive of the Year Award. Joanne was soon leading teams of 400 and managing budgets over $30 million. Her first Gallup Staff Engagement rating was 4.74/5.00, putting her in the top 5 leaders in her profession at the time.

After ten successful years in Financial Services, Joanne sought to re-ignite her passion. Now she shares her knowledge, wisdom, and expertise helping executive leaders develop high-performing resilient teams.

Joanne is a leading coach and mentor for managers, leaders and business executives. Her mentorship has helped many executives, teams, and CEOs to embrace their leadership, create success and fast-track into new roles. She has guided Senior Executives on how to present themselves more confidently before boards. As Joanne explains:

“I see talent and I know how to help people unlock their capabilities to become our future leaders”. Joanne recognizes potential in people and helps them discover it in themselves. She also teaches leaders how to accept change, be self aware and manage self-care which are incredibly important in today’s uncertain environment.

At Great Spirit, we are committed to supporting people and teams to succeed in their own personal journey of self-discovery, while working on finding solutions for collective wellbeing. Joanne’s processes are tailored to provide individuals and organizations with an assessment framework that enables people to lead genuinely and to contribute meaningfully.

If you are looking to find more joy in your personal and professional life, to build stronger relationships with ease, and to fulfill a greater purpose, then Joanne Hutchinson has the tools to help you succeed. Contact Joanne today for a Strategy Session. Her greatest joy is helping people recognize their leadership potential and uncover their authentic selves so they can lead, innovate, and create change that contributes positively to creating a better future.

“All leadership starts with self awareness.”


Become a Force for Good

Our vision is a world where all people prosper. We are committed to helping people to a better quality of life and are are supporting the following initiatives:


Kiva – “loans that change lives”. Kiva allows you to lend to specific entrepreneurs empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty.

We love these micro-loans. It makes it so easy for anyone to reach out and help someone. For as little as US$25, your donation is pooled with other like minded people from across the world. With so many different categories, you can choose who and what you want to support so it aligns with your values and what’s important to you. Once the money is repaid, you can either re-lend it which is what we do so or you can request it to be returned to you.

Our Impact

We invested US$650 into Kiva loans around 12 years ago.

As at January 2022, this US$650 has now cumulatively financed US$3,850.00 of loans.

We’ve made 136 loans across 31 countries, 10 sectors and 44 different activities. So far we’ve had 4 loans default over this time which accounted for US$83.00. This is a default rate of 2.2% which is very low.

Of course the positive impact these loans have made to women, men, their families and their communities is what this is all about. As the loans are re-paid, we continue to re-lend the money to new entrepreneurs, thus creating a sustainable fund that supports our vision of “a world where all people prosper”.

We hope that by sharing our story it inspires you to become a micro-finance lender too and unite with like minded people from all over the world who want to make a difference in the lives of others. Join here:


The Good Samaritan Orphanage – Egypt

This orphanage has been established for special needs children that have been abandoned by their families in Luxor.

Following a visit to Egypt in 2010, Jo was so taken with the people of Egypt that she went on to find a local orphanage to help children to a better quality of life. She wrote a book called “The Call to the Desert” as a way of raising funds to support the orphanage’s running costs and to help in expanding their school to reach more special needs children. She raised US$878 from sales of the book and donations from her clients to assist them in their projects.

She last visited them in January 2012 and was so inspired by the great progress they continue to make. They continue to tackle real everyday issues and now have underway a project to deliver food parcels to very poor villages.