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It all began when I stood on the shores of Lake Rotomahana in Rotorua, something deep stirred within me and I knew that my next adventure would take me to Whakaari/White Island – New Zealand’s only active marine volcano. I had felt the call to Whakaari many times before but had yet to honour it. This time it felt different – there was a sense of urgency.  Remembering Ancient Aotearoa/New Zealand is about stepping back in time and remembering our roots and our interconnectedness with all life and the Earth herself.

The story is set in nature and teaches us how nature reflects our nature and the abundance of beauty and gifts that largely go unnoticed in our busy lives. Yet, life is always changing. Life is precious and all life is to be revered as we remember how to walk lightly and lovingly on our Earth’s journey. It is a journey for the heart and the spirit.