‘Begin with the end in mind’ is what bellowed in my head!  Of course, it made sense.  Everything had been leading to this moment – the phone call with an editor, the meeting with an artist, the daily writing practise.

The term ‘begin with the end in mind’ is a principle from Stephen Coveys’ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I had read this in what feels like my youth.  It made sense then as it does now. 

The idea is that there are two parts to creation – first engaging the mind to imagine what’s possible, that is, what you want to create.  The second part is the the physical action.

Imagination creates the vessel for our vision like the blueprint of the house you want to build. When we have a clear vision, the action steps become much easier to define.  The trick in the manifestation into form is not so much the activity but rather being able to hold to and re-connect with the energy or vision as often as you can.  Why?

Because in the busy-ness of everyday life, we have many roles, responsibilities, and tasks to complete.  Many things to Do.  Many things to Be.

Just when we’re on top of our game, things come left of field that demand our attention. And if not that, then there’s always the myriad of ways that we distract ourselves by procrastinating, perfectionism or doing unimportant things.

Remembering and reconnecting to our vision through visualisation or imagination reminds us of the direction we are heading, the path we are taking.

One of the the most powerful tools I have used is creating a vision board of my big dreams.  This is the end state and with the vision sometimes just being 12 months as we can change our vision anytime.  The power of actively constructing it by cutting out images and words from magazines that personify how I want to feel and what I want to create makes it feel real and tangible. 

What’s been astounding is how much I have achieved by simply staying focussed.  What’s also been astounding are the fears and self-imposed limits that pop up that I need to break-through.

In those moments of doubt, uncertainty or when there’s so much else to do, I am reminded of my vision and the direction I am intending to take.  It helps me to stay focussed on what’s important, say ‘no’ to distractions and allows me to keep taking inspired action.

And a dream is a dream unless we take action on it.  It’s easy to be living everyone else’s life, doing what we believe is expected of us, denying our dreams in favour of others. 

“Don’t die with your music still in you” is the tile of a book by Wayne Dyer.  I love this as an affirmation, a reminder to dance to your own beat and follow your inner calling.  He proposes that its not what you do with your life, but rather how you lead your life. 

You are the CEO and leader of your life.  If you ‘begin with the end in mind’ what would your life look like?  What would you change?  What would you let go of and more importantly who will you need to become?


Much love,



Jo Hutchinson MBA

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Jo Hutchinson is a Leadership Coach, Mentor and Facilitator who’s on purpose ‘to ignite the spark so that together we may fulfil our greater purpose.’

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