Be Bold, Be Brave and Nurture those Dreams

We are only 2 weeks into the New Year and things already feel very different for me.  I have felt a noticeable shift from the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 where I feel more in my heart, more at peace and more focussed and excited about the potential of 2013 personally and across the planet.

After a very powerful and life enhancing tour to Peru, Bolivia and Easter Island, I returned home on New Year’s Eve to discover that my garden had become overgrown with weeds and some plants including a much love rose, had died.  I decided to use this quiet time to re-plant my garden.  The Earth was so dry and the soil so bland that the first stop was to invest in a lot of compost to feed the soil and provide a rich nutrient and moisture base for the flowers I wanted to plant.  Then came the much needed weeding.   

While I spent the time getting the right foundation sorted, some of my newly purchased plants couldn’t wait and wilted with the heat requiring a lot more attention to keep them alive.  Knowing that the vegetables I bought would be a few weeks away before they are ready to eat, I decide to invest in a basket filled with ‘ready to eat’ lettuces which have been a joy to pick and eat fresh, just as I need them.  To give back to the Earth and to reduce waste, I bought a small compost bin too.  I have been aptly rewarded with the extra attention on my garden as the plants have responded with vigorous growth and I very much feel their ‘alive’ presence as I greet them each day.  Once I had finished the re-planting of the garden, I was blessed with an abundance of birds and their joyous song and a return of the bees and the butterflies restoring the magic of life and harmony that nature brings.

So my new garden is a metaphor for this new time.  Creating the right foundation is a critical key to bringing your dreams to life.  As I weeded the garden, I weeded my mind of thoughts that do not inspire or empower me anymore.  As I put the love into the Earth and the plants, I nurtured and created an environment for their growth and I, in turn nurtured and created an environment that nurtures my growth and all that I want to create in 2013.  While some of my plants are very small and delicate, likewise some of our dreams are just in their infancy and are also delicate in the beginning-ness.  And so as I have tended the outer garden, I have tended to my inner garden for our inner world reflects our outer world.  I feel deeply that 2013 is very much a year to Step Up, to be Bold and Brave, to nurture our inner Truth to be Authentic and venture into this new age with all of our heart and the wisdom of our life’s experiences.

Thus the new-ness of the new  year, there are always many pathways and options available before us.  We each carry many inner dreams that we want to bring to life and it is easy for these to get lost once we return to our busy day to day life.  For your dreams to come true, they need to be seeded from the heart, nurtured, watered, fed with loving and empowering thoughts, feelings and actions.  Take care that your dreams do not wilt in the hot sun, or be trodden on by someone else.  Only share them with people who empower and support you especially when they are still in their infancy. 

Be Bold and Be Brave. 

Nurture your dreams and know that you will be nurturing your inner spirit and be rewarded with an abundance of growth, energy, inspiration, enthusiasm and joy for life.

With love and reverence for the path you choose,


Jo Hutchinson is Mentoring and Facilitating Change and Growth

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“My passion is helping and supporting people and leaders to have the confidence, courage and clarity to make life choices and changes that align with their greatest potential to contribute to the planet”.

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