Here we are. In 2020.  A new year and a whole new decade where the heart leads the way. A year to journey within the self, to uncover hidden talents and abilities, and to step out with a renewed sense of purpose. A new you. A new version of you. 

2020 is about perfecting our vision, re-imagining our futures and allowing your heart to lead the way.  Whilst the mind is a powerful tool and we’ve lived operating from this for what feels like aeons of time, the heart itself transcends what the mind can conceive.  This is the shift before us, ready not only for new leaders to emerge but also our own inner leader to blaze a new trail, to build revolutionary new structures and ways of being that support the whole.

Back in September 2019, I was invited to submit an article on 2020 for an international magazine.  Here’s the universal message that I wrote:


Where We Are Now

We are at a great turning point for humanity and the Earth.  The marker of 2012 has been and gone and the predictions of the world ending did not occur in the way you understood this to be.  Rather it was about a type of consciousness changing – from the mind to the heart.  From competition to cooperation.  From violence to peace.  This journey over the last seven years has enabled more people to grow and awaken – to be able to hold more light (love) on the earth to create the container, the energetic blueprint for more of humanity to change and evolve.


What to Expect

The consumption of resources of your great Earth – the relationship with life itself is fragile.  Now more than ever, people from all over the world are at the forefront of what is happening on a global scale.  What was once hidden cannot be hidden anymore.  More truths are being revealed igniting the catalyst for worldwide ‘humanic’ change.

Many of you have been learning to master the difference between emotions and feelings.  From being in an emotional state that can be crippling to shifting into a feeling state, driven from your heart creating calm, centeredness, and embracing knowingness.

What you once held to be true can be smashed into a million pieces in a second.  It will make you question and doubt yourself, as you see your naivety to have believed what now seems plainly obvious in broad daylight.  But remember, everything is as it needed to be, to create the change.  A  flower opens when it is ready, and it is the same with you.  Similarly, nature holds the consciousness of adaptability and interprets the energetic cycles ahead of time to prepare for change.  It is re-creating itself endlessly.  Dormant talents and skills will come to the forefront of your consciousness and propel you forward as you too re-create yourself.  Flow with the cycles and changes.  Do not hold anything tightly, rather trust in the unfoldment led by your soul and spirit.


The Way Forward

The heart is the new navigational tool.  Attuning your energy to perceive and use all your senses will enable you to know the truth, to know what to do and to be able to trust in yourself, first and foremost.  As you already know and have experienced, anything is able to be manipulated to create a certain ‘story’ with hidden agendas so fine-tuning and investing in your ability to be able to discern the truth will reward you richly.

You are awakening to your powers as powerful co-creators – moving from using the mind to recognizing the unlimited power of the heart to create energetic resonance and sustenance.  This power is amplified as you connect with the hearts of others.  Everything serves the whole and part of being heart-centred is to awaken the depths of your compassion for yourself and others.

There is an energetic balancing of the polarities of the Earth herself to create a new equilibrium.  The shift of the magnetic fields is well reported by your scientists and fulfills a greater realignment within the Universe as all is growing, evolving and unfolding. 

Like a great mother watching her children grow, the Divinely inspired human being has faith in the unseen and the invisible threads that connect us all and trusts in the enlightenment of an individual and the collective.  She can sit in peace holding the greater vision through her knowingness of the cycle of creation, through to witnessing the birthing pains and ultimate growth, seeing the new potentials awakened and realized.

To move beyond fear and insecurity is to be anchored in your heart.  We urge you to go within regularly and expand your heart consciousness.  Here you will find peace and clarity.  Here you will receive insight.  Here you can pause like sipping a cup of tea as you synthesize the energetics at play and honour your need for self-care. 

We would suggest two words to embody – calm and care (which will give you clarity or 20/20 vision).  Nature teaches you that it is calm in the eye of the storm and this is why we encourage you to master being calm and holding your centre (equilibrium) in the eye of any storm that presents.  To take care of yourself first so that you are then able to care for others.  Care is a broad-reaching term for it refers to the care of self, of each other, for the Earth and all life.  You each have a sacred mission.  Apply yourself to taking ‘care’ of that which is fuelled by the passion of your heart i.e. your great love.  Here again, we reaffirm the importance of your heart leading the way and the need to go within and attune to the hearts’ consciousness regularly.

2020 is the year to shine.  The year of perfected vision.  To see the truth.  So much has been cleared, released and re-imagined.  The gift is the unknown and it requires you to trust in yourself and in your heart like never before.

Now is the time for you to launch forward using your heart as the prime navigation tool into untapped potentials and exciting possibilities, fed by your inner joy to co-create a world where all people prosper. Trust your heart to lead the way.

With love and joy,

Jo x



Joanne (Jo) Hutchinson lives on the beautiful Waiheke Island in New Zealand.  A former Leadership Executive, she holds an MBA, is a Reiki Master and the founder of Great Spirit NZ.  Her work empowers leaders to rise up to new potentials, facilitates teams that work, and transforms the energetics of people and place.  She has a deep connection with the Earth and nature, loves ancient sites and has led tours to Egypt, South America, and Waiheke Island. 

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