Awaken to the Heart Consciousness…


Today I meditated with the stone Rose Quartz.  Rose Quartz is a beautiful soft pink heart chakra crystal.

It is known for being gentle as it opens the heart.  And allows you to soothe a busy mind, heal discordant energy, and bring peace to conflict. 

It was an interesting choice because of two things. 

Firstly, it is my late Grandmothers birthday today and she would have been 101!  We were very close, and I miss her enormously.  She gave me a piece of rose quartz many years ago and as an elder carrying the grandmother energy, she imparted much wisdom to guide me in my life. 

So today, this stone reminded me of my grandmother and the many memories we shared including the times she acted as a sounding board to reassure me when I was feeling lost.  I’m sure she has been hanging out with me all day – smiling, laughing, and radiating love as grandmothers do 😊.

The second reason was I’ve been wrestling with the uptick of divisive energy that I am seeing in social media posts.  Working with the rose quartz, it helped to calm my mind and centre me back into my heart.  To find the peace in the situation and to realise that we need to embody the energy of the heart – love, understanding, compassion and forgiveness as we move through these changing times.  What binds us together is our common humanity and our hearts.  Love heals and love overcomes fear.  

The Learning

When you are feeling lost or anxious, ground yourself back into your heart and what matters most.  Can you love it all?  Can you see through the lens of love?  Can you see the fear and woundedness in yourself and others and simply have compassion for them without taking sides or having a viewpoint?  Can you love without conditions?

These are big questions and ones that help us move into heart consciousness which is what I believe we will need more of as we transition into this new age of transformation.

With love,



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PS – My book ‘The Courage to be You’ is finished!  Hooray 😊.  It truly is my best work yet and I can’t wait to share it with you – just waiting for it to be uploaded onto my website.

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