December 2021 Themes

What a year it has been.  Hurtling like a rocket towards Christmas, New Year and the holidays, it feels like it has gone at lightning speed.  Let’s talk about the December 2021 themes.

Here in the Auckland region, we have endured our longest lockdown of 15 weeks.  I’m not sure about you but my ‘new norm’ is very different to how things were previously.  The idea that things go back to the way they were is no longer true and not necessarily even something we truly want if we consider what wasn’t working for us personally, collectively and the planet. 

I feel like this last 15 weeks as been like winter – an inner immersive time and now as the energy shifts, it’s time to step back out into the world to share this energetic upgrade and newfound wisdom.

November represented the theme of revelations so if you’ve been doing the inner work, something would have been revealed to you.  One of the ones for me was around values and what I value now.  As I’ve observed the divisive energy that has seeped into the kiwi culture, my heart shudders at the world we are creating from this perspective and yet the positive potential equally exists for this to be a catalyst for people to unite in in our common humanity and honour inclusivity.  It takes courage to be true to you, to stand up for what you believe in and live your true values.

With the end of the calendar year in sight, it gives creative license to dream a new dream and to decide consciously what it is you want to create and what you want to take forward into 2022.

December 2021 Themes

The three themes that came to me for December are:

#1  Letting Go
At the time of writing, we have a super new moon on the horizon which is stimulated with an eclipse.  Eclipses bring sudden and unexpected change.  So, if you’ve been holding on too tightly to something that doesn’t work for you, it may well be ‘eclipsed’ in the coming weeks or months ahead.  Think of it as the Universe’s way to shift you onto your new path and true destiny.  It could well be a seismic shift!

Here’s what you can do – Make a list of everything that’s served its purpose and consciously choose to let it go.  Bless it with love for the purpose it has fulfilled, and then release it.

Then consider my next point.

#2  Face into what’s holding you back
You can use this energy to face into what’s holding you back and what fears you have not dealt with which will make it easier to navigate these changes.  Be gentle on yourself – your inner critic does not need to come out in full swing! 

Rather it’s about having the courage to decide to move beyond the conditions that have held you back so that you can expand into more of your potential.  That’s where the joy is – on an exciting new adventure.

Be real with you, find your inner voice and speak your truth.

#3  Master the art of staying centred and grounded
We can expect to see continued chaos in the outer world and that can trigger many feelings and emotions.  The key here is to learn to stay centred and grounded.

Here’s what you can do:  Bring yourself back to your heart, take a walk-in nature, find something you like to read that empowers you, meditate, laugh and aim to be in the world, but not of it.  Make it a daily practise so that when you really need to use this skill, it’s automatic and easy to do.

Finally, create community.  I know many people feel isolated and alone right now so the importance of community cannot be overstated.  Find your tribe.  Connect with like-minded souls and remember that it is love, the heart, that unifies all.  i hope these themes help you navigate December 2021 with more ease and grace.

With love and light,

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