The theme of September is one of emergence.  Have you noticed how Spring is emerging, the days are getting lighter and we are saying our last goodbyes to the winter season?  The shift is upon us.

It’s time for us too, to emerge from our cocoons.  Life in lockdown has certainly meant we have had more time in our home environments than normal as we’ve been learning to adapt to these ever-changing times of uncertainty. 
Take a moment and look back over the last 6 months of your life.  Notice the tremendous disruption, change, and ultimately transformation that has taken place.  Be grateful for this opportunity to change, grow, and evolve into a new you. 

What have you learned along the way?  How have you adapted?  And what have you noticed about what you value now?

If you have been doing inner work during this transition, you’ll start to notice how different life looks and feels as you step back into it.  Winter is the perfect time to go within, to re-set, and rejuvenate so that you can seed new intentions and dreams to catch the spring growth.

In the next few days, we hit power moments like 9/9 and 9/11 which give us a window to remember life, our loved ones, and unite in our common humanity of love and compassion.  Then we have the equinox coming up in a few weeks which for me always marks the true change of season.

I can’t wait!  I love this time of the year and spring is my all-time favourite moment catching nature kickstart life again and birthing the new sacred cycle.  As with all growth, there are birthing pains – times when we contract and times when we push forward. 

Now is the time to catch this next wave of change and growth.  Whatever you’ve been working on, it’s now time for emergence into the world of form, and allow your gifts, talents, and visions to help others. 

Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike?  And you struggled to get your balance?  And once you did, you mastered it for life.  Well, energetically, that’s what it’s like at the moment – we are learning to balance the ever-changing energies that we are faced with which is why one day you can feel fully present and the next day, you might feel a bit off.  Each day is a different vibration and we are learning to adapt to what is here right now. 

5 Strategies to Help You Emerge Stronger

#1.  “Be in the moment” is wise advice because from this still point, you are centered in your heart and you can use your intuition to guide you.

#2.  Be aware of the amount of time you are consuming media especially if it is having a fearful effect on you.  Media allows information to be disseminated to a wide audience quickly. And it also enables a story to be told in a certain way which can make you feel a certain way too.  Anything from happiness and joy to increased feelings of anxiety, doom, and fear.  Remember that headlines are written to grab your attention and the average attention span is a mere 8 seconds so evoking emotions is powerful way to get your attention!

#3.  Albert Einstein famously said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  We must learn to see the world anew, change our behaviours, beliefs and our thinking.

#4.  Learn to change state, create the space, and bring in your creative intelligence.  Everyone has creative genius – we just express it in different ways.  Go for a walk to clear your mind, or take some deep breaths, then let your mind wander and allow yourself to brainstorm with ‘imagine if…’, ‘what if…’  or ‘what are all the ways…?’ type statements.  Ask yourself how you can create a more benevolent outcome for the good of the whole and then brainstorm 10 ways you could do this.

#5.  Meditation is one of the best ways to improve your focus, open up your creative channels, and tune into your intuition.

One thing that remains true in this Covid era, is that everyone is affected in some way. 

We are emerging from the winter cocoon, ready to spring forward with the energy of growth.  If you’ve been doing the inner work through this period, you will find it easier to navigate the ever present and shifting energies. 

We are learning to adapt and learning what it means to be in the present moment, which is the only moment there is.  It is from the present moment that we create the future so learning to bring your attention back to the now moment is a gift that will serve you well. 

Let’s finish 2020 on a strong note and enjoy this process of Emergence.

With love,

Jo Hutchinson MBA
Visionary ǀ EnLightened Leadership Coach ǀ Reiki Master
Great Spirit NZ Ltd
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JO HUTCHINSON MBA lives on the beautiful Waiheke Island.  Are you ready to rise up, stand in your light, and lead the way? Working with Jo is going to give you the skill-set, tools, and strategies to do just this and allow you the transformational experience that you have been waiting for. You don’t have to go it alone. With the fusion of leadership knowledge, healing, and spiritual wisdom for a new world, there has never been a better time to lead. To achieve great things. With heart.  Grab this opportunity now.

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