Just 1 day ago I was talking to a client about Christmas holidays.  As we spoke, they had a light bulb moment when they mentally calculated that they had less than 2 weeks before going on holiday.  On the one hand they were excited about this and on the other, they felt the enormity of what still needed to be completed.

It’s that time of the year where we can still feel like there’s a lot to get done before Christmas and time feels like its speeding up.  All this adds up to feelings of pressure and potential stress, not to mention that we may also be feeling tired too.

Yet, we do this every year – right?

How can we be more in the moment and just focus on what is essential? 

How can we work at pace and have fun while we’re doing it? 

And what do we need to do to look after ourselves along the way?

These are all valid questions, yet I hear you say, ‘I don’t have time for this.’  And yet, herein lies the dilemma.  When do you make time for what is truly important instead of being on auto-pilot? 

For me, this time of the year is all about completion.  There are 2 parts – one is to reflect on the year that’s been and acknowledge the good, the bad and the ugly!  And the other is to consciously choose what I need to do to feel complete in 2018 so I’m ready for a fresh start as we transition into 2019.

Reflection is a powerful and often overlooked tool that yields great insights and learnings.  I think of it as ‘mining the gold’ and am always amazed by what I discover.  So, if you’re up for expanding your potential to grow and evolve into your highest expression of yourself, then carve out some quiet time to do a little reflecting.

Timeline 2018

Create a 2018 timeline from January to December and note the big events, milestones, and defining moments.  Here’s 7 questions to go deeper:

  1. What were your highs and lows?
  2. What are you most proud of?
  3. What was the biggest challenge you overcame?
  4. What was the biggest learning?
  5. How did you grow?
  6. What are you ready to let go of and leave behind in 2018?
  7. What will you do to celebrate, recognize and acknowledge your growth and achievements?

Question 7 is worth repeating  – what will you do to celebrate your growth and achievement?  Really pause and reflect on this.  Then commit to doing something as it has become human nature to often overlook celebrating our achievements and simply move on to the next thing!

Be proud of what you have achieved and for all the growth and wisdom gained. I love this quote: “Life is not happening to you, but for you”.

With joyful wishes for a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year,


Jo Hutchinson is a Leadership Coach, Mentor and Facilitator who’s on purpose ‘to ignite the spark so that together we may fulfil our greater purpose.’

Lead confidently, live courageously and communicate from the heart.

Coming Up

Urban Adventures 1 hour $130 By Appointment

Chronic stress is a side effect of todays modern lifestyle and busy leader which is known to lower the immune system, increase muscle tension and contribute to high blood pressure and obesity.

Taking coaching and well-being in a new direction with some ‘forest bathing’ in the green space of Auckland inner city and Waiheke Island. 

Based on the concept known in Japan as Shinrin-yoku, research has proven the benefits of nature therapy that shows spending time in forests or green spaces, can reduce concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, increase parasympathetic nerve activity while lowering sympathetic nerve energy. 

All of this translates into better feeling states.  A clear mind brings greater clarity and is able to focus just as a relaxed mind is a relaxed body.  The heart-mind-body is inter-connected so what affects one, affects all.

On our Urban Adventure, you get all the benefits of coaching in the ‘outdoor office’ where we’ll also work with tools like visualization, breathwork for greater energy, clarity and well-being.   

EnVisioning a New Year – 11 January 2019 @ Eden Gardens $197pp

A practical 1 day workshop where you’ll be dreaming up your future and what you want to create this year, then literally creating vision boards to bring it to life.  From this vision, you’ll create your big rocks and then break it down to the next 13 week cycle by building a Visual Roadmap to focus your energy to get you there.  This workshop is hands-on and perfect for people who need space to think, plan, envision and create! 

ReNew You Personal Coaching Programme – 13 weeks x 1 hour

In this 3 month, 13 week, 13 hour coaching programme, we’ll create the pathway for a new you! In the first month, we’ll take stock of your life, work and goals.  In the second month, we’ll be clearing out the clutter and letting go of old patterns and beliefs so that in the third month, we can set you up for success.  It’s action packed and designed so you can get more out of life, live the life of your dreams and make it happen.

EnPowered Women’s Workshop 1 Day – 12 February 2019 $300

Born from many conversations with women leaders and my own experiences, this workshop is about helping more women step up into their courage zone and break through limitations so they can embrace the strengths of true Feminine Leadership and powerfully step into a bigger purpose as leaders.  We’ll be working with many tools to discover your leadership purpose, identifying your talents and strengths to leverage and using the power of visualization and mindfulness to tap into your inner wisdom and intuition.  Highly practical and insightful, it’s a day invested in your whole well-being with the group of like-minded women as a support. 

If you’re at the cross-road of knowing there’s something more but not sure what it is or how to bring it into being, then this workshop might be the catalyst to get the clarity to move forward with confidence, courage and a sense of inner power. Email jo@greatspirit.co.nz for more information.

Re-New Your Spirit with a Reiki Session – 1.5 hours $150.  Available by appointment in Auckland and Waiheke Island.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practise that traditionally uses the hands to move energy, enhance the flow of life-force, release tension, anxiety and create deep states of relaxation.  The body contains chakras which are the pathways or meridians that enable the life force to flow through to our organs.  Over time and with today’s modern busy woman/man/leader syndrome, their function can become depleted which in time will manifest as dis-ease.  Managing your energy is vital to leading and living the life of your dreams.  Taking time-out to Re-New your Spirit gives you the energy and clarity to re-set, re-balance and re-juvenate yourself so you can re-focus on leading and living your greater purpose.  Jo is a qualified Reiki Master and integrates this modality alongside her coaching and mentoring work.  

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