November is a pivotal time of transition from the old to the new world we are creating.  So far, 2020 has been an incredibly transformative year, rocking our foundations, shaking our beliefs and opening our hearts to a new more empowered way of living.  Things cannot return to how they once were – the gate has been closed and we are now all called forward onto a new adventure!

When I think of the 11th month, the number itself reminds me of my time in Ancient Egypt.  Here you will find two pillars at the entrance of the temples and they act as a gateway.  Essentially, they represent the middle way or balance as we unite the positive and negative energies, the masculine and feminine energy or, the yin and the yang. To walk between the pillars with conscious awareness, is to choose to be in balance, to walk in harmony with the oneness of all that is and to be in the heart. The pathway itself is one of purification, an initiation into a higher consciousness, a place of gaining knowledge and wisdom – and is the path of the heart.

And so in this month of November, you are being invited to walk through the gateways or doors that are now opening for you.  Let go of any remnants of the past that do not support your future growth and learn to listen to the gentle voice of your heart as you deepen your connection to your spirit.

In these times of rapid change, the one thing that will help you navigate with more ease is the ability to trust in yourself and trust in your inner guidance to lead you on your path – that path that is yours and only yours. 

To do this, you’ll need to quieten the mind, create sacred space and go within.  Practise clearing your energy daily so you can intuit your inner guidance more easily and then be fearless on acting upon it.  It is literally step by step, and one step at a time. 

Now if you are ready to step powerfully into your future vision, I’d love to invite you to join us on The Awakened Soul (Te Tupu Wairua) Retreat on Waiheke on 21st November.  It’s for visionaries and changemakers – those ready to envision a new future, leave the past behind and feel confident to take action to build an empowered future.  This is an immersion in nature where you will connect deeply with the energy of Earth and Sky, learn to read the messages surrounding you so you can see clearly and learn some Te Reo along the way!  A collaboration between Hirini Reedy, the magic of Waiheke Island and myself – men and women are all welcome as we unite and balance the polarities of the masculine and feminine energy.  Places are limited so reach out for more information.

Meantime, stay in your power, embrace this transition and I send you love,
Jo xx
Jo Hutchinson MBA
Visionary ǀ EnLightened Leadership Coach ǀ Reiki Master
Great Spirit NZ Ltd
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