April = Action Time by Jo Hutchinson MBA

Yes, this is the month to really get moving and take action.  It’s hard to believe that the first quarter of the year has passed by!

April brings in fresh energy, hot after the equinox and Easter.  You may have noticed the subtle seasonal changes too.  These are all signs of movement and change.  Our job is to align with, and take advantage of them.

The year is taking shape.  Expect things to move along this month.  It’s perfect time for taking action on your dreams and desires.  If you’ve been waiting or procrastinating, this is the cue to stop!  Or if you have been planning and preparing, now is the time to put energy into nurturing and attending to those new seeds.

If you’re ready to launch something new, now is the perfect time.  Do it! 

Try something new. 

Face into your fears, and don’t let them hold you back.  Transcend them and be you.

Expand your perspective around how you see yourself.  You can change yourself anytime you choose to. 

Be more liberal.  Feel freer.

We are letting go of the old in favour of new ways of being and becoming. 

So much has shifted and changed in this last year.  Are you valuing and prioritising different things now?

Are you chomping at the bit to build a new world with fresh ideas and inspirations?

Tap into your passions and talents – what would you love to do?  How can you contribute to making this a better world?  This is your time to step forward and shine.

April is action time.  Make the most of the favourable energies to move forward with ease and flow.

Much love,

Jo xx

PS – Stay tuned for my next email where I’ll be sharing my new ‘Emerger’s Membership.  It’s super exciting and another way I can serve and support you to Emerge, Step Out and Create Positive Impact.
Jo Hutchinson MBA
Visionary ǀ EnLightened Leadership Coach ǀ Reiki Master
Great Spirit NZ

Jo Hutchinson is a Visionary, Founder of ‘The Path of the EnLightened leader Program™’, a Reiki Master and Facilitator of Inner Journeys on Waiheke Island.  She inspires people to own their power, transcend limits, heal and discover their pathway to fulfilling a greater purpose.

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