What’s Up in June 2020?
by Jo Hutchinson MBA

Hang onto your hat’s beautiful soul – we are in for a ride.   June is all about sudden or unexpected change and transformation.  I see 2020 as  a year of transformative growth, perfecting our visions and for many people, it’s an enabler to stepping into a bigger purpose. 

The first step with all change is dis-creating the old – the old patterns and structures of our lives that no longer work.  That we’ve outgrown.  Old ways of thinking.  And dis-mantling the beliefs that we didn’t even know we had, that simply run silently on automatic pilot in our unconsciousness.  

Disruption plays a critical role, forcing a sudden break from routines and habitual ways of being and doing, providing time and space to re-think and reflect on what’s important.

June is about sudden or unexpected change and transformation witnessed in two oracle cards I drew – the Storm element followed by the Fire card.  They both speak of sudden change and transformation. 

Let’s Look at the Qualities of Fire
Fire is a transformative energy to work with.  It is the bringer of the light. It illuminates, giving warmth and life to Earth. Too much sun though can burn, dehydrate and destroy life.

Fire represents heat so it can express itself to us as both anger and passion.  Sometimes it is the anger or the outrage that is the catalyst for the transformation.  Anger lets us know when a boundary has been crossed, so it is an energy that can be used in a positive expression. 

Equally, we know fire warms and it burns.  So, the other aspect of fire is destruction, like the phoenix that arises from the ashes.  When our anger is like a raging torrent within us, we can react, vent, become defensive, and even attack others with our scorching words which can destroy relationships.  Fire has no mercy and burns though illusion. 

Fire offers us the gift of regeneration and renewal.  It clears the way.  And being able to change form, it is the energy of alchemy and transformation.

What are the Qualities of Storm?
The Storm element brings surprise, unpredictability, and change.  It is the ‘expect the unexpected’ mantra.  In the middle of a storm, we feel both the intensity and the unpredictability, yet in the eye of the storm, it is calm.

When the storm has passed, we notice how much cleaner and lighter everything feels.  It’s power lies in the ability to swiftly clear out what no longer serves us, demolishing what’s stagnant and replenishing us with fresh energy allowing the space for new creations to take root.
The Way Forward
This month we are learning to hold our centre and stay balanced as we experience these intense waves of change and transformation.  It may be a particularly emotional month for many.  Here are three core strategies to help you thrive this month:

  1. Be Self Aware – tune in and check in on yourself and how you are doing.  Notice how you feel and when you need time out.  Look after yourself first by taking care of your needs.  Create a safe space by setting and re-setting boundaries.
  2. Practise Staying Grounded and Centred – when you notice you are getting off-balance or caught up in the external world, STOP.  Go outside, take a walk-in nature to soothe your soul and calm your mind.  Practise slow deep breathing and let the energy move through your body with exercise.  Find the place of inner peace before you respond.
  3. Be Present.  Learn to listen deeply and wholeheartedly to others even if your view is different.  Being present for another is completely validating and being able to hold a space of calm centredness often diffuses tension immediately.

So, all in all, be prepared for a transformation, radical change, knowing that it’s the Universe’s way of moving you forward.  On to a new journey. 

Remember that change is neither good or bad –  it is neutral until we attach a meaning to it. 

All change leads to some type of movement and from movement comes fresh growth, new insights, and learnings. And a new path to fulfilling your greater purpose and your dreams.

With love,

Jo Hutchinson MBA
Visionary, Transformational Leadership Coach and Reiki Master
Great Spirit NZ
e. jo@greatspirit.co.nz  m. +64 27 414 4291 w. www.greatspirit.co.nz

JO HUTCHINSON MBA lives on the beautiful Waiheke Island. She is a Visionary, Transformational Leadership Coach and Reiki Master.  Are you ready to truly step into your light, own your power and shine? Are you ready for a new direction and to create a new world? Working with Jo is going to give you the skill set, tools and strategies to do just this and allow you the transformation that you have been waiting for. She invites you to work with her to unlock the key to what is truly holding you back so you can step into your greater purpose and calling. Her mission is to support her clients in releasing the blocks that are standing in the way of happiness, success, light, truth, prosperity and peace, through her powerful healing techniques. Are you ready to be guided by the fusion of her leadership knowledge and spiritual wisdom to begin the beautiful journey together, the evolution of your soul? For a new world.  That needs you to lead. To stand in your power. To shine. To achieve great things. With heart. 
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