Hello and a BIG Welcome to you All :)

I hope you are doing well and taking great care of yourself.  Today I’m going to share two tips about the shift in season, specifically the autumn equinox to help you navigate this new cycle.

The autumn equinox on the 21st March 2022 signals the change of season from summer to autumn in the southern hemisphere (whilst it’s springtime if you’re in the northern hemisphere!)  I feel a bit sad that summer has all but gone as its definitely one of my favourite times of the year.  Nothing beats time in the sun, surf and the long light filled evenings to enjoy!

There are times when I find myself resisting the cooler season, and yet it’s just like resisting change.  It’s going to happen anyway so why not embrace it?

Autumn is a time of harvest, with the days getting ever so shorter as we descend towards winter.  It’s like a culmination point of the year where one cycle is coming to an end which allows the space for our next cycle or evolution of growth to be seeded. 

Endings honour and precede new beginnings so it is also a very fertile time to reflect on the learnings and wisdom gained in this last cycle so that we can apply it to our new beginnings just around the corner.  Similarly, autumn provides an opportunity to let go and shed the old so we can prepare for spring growth later in the year.

Here are two tips that I feel are relevant to many people right now:

#1.  The need to stop overwhelm, being overloaded and doing too much.  As you embody more of your spiritual self, you will naturally step back from the outer world to honour the inner world.  And, as you increase your sensitivity, similarly the outer world can become over-stimulating and the need to pull back re-ground and reset becomes more important.  This is central to your wellbeing and worthy of your consideration.

#2.  Related to #1 is the need to re-consider what brings you joy.  Often our days are spent in things that don’t really fill us up which can drain our energy, enthusiasm and vitality.  Or we might be stuck in a comfort zone where we are no longer growing or developing our potential. Allow these things to fall away and be replaced with what lights you up now.

Take a minute to STOP.  Think about what you need to change and what’s going to support you to be your truest self as we embrace this new season of opportunities.  Be brave and write down 3 things you’re letting go of or are going to action.

The autumn equinox signals the change to a new season. Embrace the opportunity to use it your advantage.  Remember the powerful creator being that you are.  Know you can change anything anytime and create a life that is deeply meaningful and sparks joy.  It’s not the days that count; rather it’s the moments that matter.
With love,
Jo x
Jo Hutchinson
Conscious Leadership and Well-Being
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