Navigating November 2021 – A Time of Revelations

November is a month that has a theme word – revelations.  Not is all as it seems and so this month we will delve deep into what has been hidden, lurking in the sub-conscious of our inner and outer worlds.

No doubt you can feel the shifts already taking place, especially here in New Zealand.  We are witnessing a time of divisiveness and a time of coming together, an evaluation of what one believes and therefore holds true, and the dichotomy of restriction and freedom.  One thing that we can see from these three examples is every issue we face has an opposite polarity and within that polarity are extremes.

Now the key is not to get too fixed on any one way of being.  Everything is changing and changeable.  New information can come to hand that can change a belief in a nanosecond.  But if our need to be right is a dominating pattern, then it will be hard to surrender to defeat.  That’s ego at its best and a revelation in itself.

Rather, what we want to do is be open to considering all points of view.  Standing in our power and our truth.  And be open to understanding our common humanity – in the end it’s the heart that connects us all as people.

No-one has power over you unless you assign them that power.  Power comes from within so if you feel powerless, start looking at the beliefs you hold to be true.  See what needs to be changed.  Embrace the revelations.

Restrictions serve to create innovation.  I overheard a young man talking to a receptionist yesterday who said he couldn’t understand why a hairdresser couldn’t come to your house and cut your hair outside (this is in relation to the 12-week lockdown where I live).  I thought he made a very valid point and equally acknowledged him for thinking outside of the square.  This is the type of innovation and revelations that come from restriction – we start to think differently and look for new solutions.  Two years ago it would have been ludicrous to imagine someone coming to cut your hair outside – now it actually solves a problem and sounds like a great idea.  

November is represented by the number 11 which stand like two pillars, often seen in ancient temples.  We are moving through a gateway of opposites and extremes that need to be bought together into oneness or in balance.  A potent date is the 11th of the 11th which is where I feel the door opening as we shift towards the energy of 2022. There is much of the old world that is collapsing in favour of a new world we are creating that’s serves the whole more than we’ve experienced in the past.  This is not always an easy time to let go of what we’ve known or been accustomed to so it can bring up fears held unconsciously or in the subconscious, again bringing new revelations.

Three Tips for Navigating November and Revelations

  1. The way through is to go into your heart and start dreaming of the world you want to live in.  Create that vision.  Hold the dream and everyday start to take action steps towards its manifestation.
  2. Go into your heart. Listen to its gentle voice. What is it calling you to do or be?  Find the sense of inner peace.
  3. Acknowledge what is being revealed to you at this time.  Whatever it may be, trust that it is bought forward to support your growth and evolution even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment.

If you need help, reach out.  My work is a fusion of Leadership, Spirituality and Wellbeing.  I’m doing everything virtual these days so if you need some safe space to explore your emotional reality, breakthrough limits, shift your energy and allow your soul to lead you on a new pathway forward, then I’d love to help. 

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Talk soon.

With love,
Jo xo

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What Others Say
“I have been connected with Jo  for several months now and recently we did an online healing piece of work for 60 minutes.

I had been very ill with fevers over 39C for 6 days that would come on late afternoon and drive me to bed with no other symptoms and each morning I was waking with a soaked bed feeling exhausted.
We dug into the work and uncovered a deep anger and hurt I was carrying from a recent event – we bought this up for healing.

That evening I waited – and there was no fever – complete abatement – and it hasn’t returned.  An illness that the doctors could not diagnose, bloods showed inflammation but no infection.

Wow does the body ever keep score if the mind won’t! Thank you Jo for this beautiful piece of work and the divine timing – the body truly does heal itself – thank you for facilitating this.”  DH – Auckland