‘Stronger Together’

So, there we were.  All together as we celebrated the life of my former partner Pete and father to my daughter Hannah who had taken his last breath just days before.  A moment we knew would come, but not knowing when.  There is nothing that truly prepares you for that moment – that life defining and life changing moment when time stands still.

That was the 1st of July and the month raced by like being on a roller-coaster ride of sudden ups and downs, twists and turns.  Decisions that had to be made swiftly.  Things that had to be done.

One  thing for sure is that we all experience life and the loss of life.  Grief strikes in its own way like a stray lightning bolt zapping our heart and leaving us feeling blue.  But grief itself isn’t limited to the loss of a loved one – any significant change or sense of loss can bring up these feelings such as losing a job, a business, loss of money or a home, a friend and so on.

Our experience of grief is unique to us and all I know is that we get through these times together.  Family, friends and strangers turn up, reach out and help us through, reminding us of our common humanity and our heartfelt connection to ease the burden.  I believe we are always ‘stronger together’ and in our hardest moments, we see the best in humanity.  We connect.  Heart to heart.  Our differences no longer matter.  We feel.  We show up.  And we take a moment to appreciate what is truly important in life and say goodbye to thing things that no longer matter.

These are life defining moments that often change where we were headed and open us up to new pathways and potentials that we may not have considered.  We reconnect with what’s genuinely important to us, re-ignite our purpose and passions as if our heart has been cracked open only to be expanded in love in the process. 

We are about halfway through the winter season based on the winter solstice in June and the spring equinox coming up in September.  The days are slowly growing in light and warmth.  I would invite you to use these remaining winter days to reflect on what’s important to you, to let go of what’s served its purpose so you can make way for the new things you want to create for your future.  This is the time to be pruning, planting seeds and preparing for a new season of growth as we transition in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your love and support over these last 6 weeks and I offer you my love and support in return as I know many of you have experienced loss of loved ones and the effects of grief.  We are stronger together.

With love,



Joanne Hutchinson MBA

Founder Great Spirit NZ

‘It’s a way of BEING’