Kia Ora,

Well the year continues to gain momentum and here down-under we get to enjoy the winter time.  Winter brings shorter and colder days.  An opportunity to shift gears, layer up and spend more time indoors enjoying the ambience of the fireside.

I like to think of it as the start of the new year because it follows the cycle of nature.  Winter is the time where we witness dormancy, where life takes a nap to restore and regenerate itself before spring, when everything bursts back into life.  Our indigenous Maori celebrate this as a new year too when the star cluster known as Matariki starts to become visible, rising before dawn on the eastern horizon.

The start of something new.  It’s a powerful time to do some inner reflective work and observe the path you have been walking. 

Where has it led you? 

What did you discover about yourself? 

What’s been working well?  What hasn’t? 

How much joy and happiness do you feel? 

And what’s next? 

A time to go within and dream new dreams. 

Learn to quieten your mind and hear the loving whisper of your heart and soul as it calls you forward.  What does it say?

This is a powerful time for creativity and finding your creative expression. 

Creating that next step. 

Start to envision what you want to achieve in the next six months, then create your vision-board which is a powerful tool to help manifest your dreams.

Big love,

Jo Hutchinson MBA
Visionary ǀ EnLightened Leadership Coach ǀ Reiki Master
Great Spirit NZ
e.  m. +64 27 4144291 w.

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I love to help people overcome a busy mind, overwhelm and self-doubt to powerfully create and step into the future they desire.  I work with women, leaders and visionaries who want to create better futures with soulful mentoring, guidance, nature retreats and energy work. Reach out for more information.