The Facebook post read:

“I didn’t know that this was going to hit me as hard as it did. To be honest, it was gut wrenching to hear the news that in 2 weeks, none of us would have jobs.  So I thought this would be a good time to start the business I’ve always dreamed of and eventually building it up to create employment for others.

The whole situation has been very emotional and painful and I thought I’d be OK starting a new venture straight away, but the truth is I was wrong.  I should have done what most of my mates did – have some time off to process everything before venturing out into something new.

Long story short, I’ve invested virtually everything I have in this new venture which has cost a lot more than I thought it would to get it going.

I am publically apologizing to you all and especially those I’ve let down personally because I am gutted and hate letting people down.  I pride myself on being honest and working hard, and this just came so left field that I under-estimated the impact it would have on me.  It’s very humbling and I will just have to roll with the punches.  Love you and thank you.”

I have edited this post out of respect for the person who wrote it.  I don’t know how you feel reading this but I am sure you can understand and relate to the situation and predicament.  Many of us have been in or know people that have been in this situation or a situation similar to it.

As you can imagine, this post generated an outpouring of support.  At the heart of our nature is the human heart that knows love, compassion and care for others.  We all have moments in our lives when we need the help, support and love from others to get through.

When companies withdraw from the market, downsize or restructure, the human cost and impact in my opinion, can never be under-estimated.  Unfortunately, it’s an area that I see time and time again that leaders fail to understand.  It’s also one that is time sensitive as someone’s needs might not be evident at the beginning when there is usually a lot of support offered; it can be further down the track when it’s needed most.

We all process things differently; the most important thing is to be honest with yourself as to where you are at and what you need.  With so much out of our control, all you can do is take responsibility for yourself and what you do have control over.

For me the most heart-breaking part of this post is to see someone (especially a young person) potentially give up on their dreams.  I’m sure it won’t happen in this specific case, but that potential exists in all of us and I’m a big believer in following your passions.  Of course it’s not always a straight line to your dream destination and the obstacles will be there, however the obstacle is the way to a breakthrough and an opportunity to turn it to your advantage, if you take it.  The journey will have its ups and downs, yet it will fuel your personal growth like nothing else especially if you take the time for a bit of self-reflection along the way – questions like what are you learning, what are you gaining, and what are you mastering?

The root of word courage comes from ‘cor’ which is Latin for heart.  I think it was a tremendous act of courage for the person who wrote this post and I also see someone with great heart and leadership potential.  They’d definitely be someone I’d want to do business with.

To be Courageous is to Live with Heart, Speak from the Heart.  It takes Courage to Be True to You.

With love



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