Nearly three weeks in, the transition from 2021 to 2022 felt seamless.  And yet, so much has happened in this short space of time that it bought to my attention the importance of these 5 practises to master overcoming overwhelm.  In one week, two family members unexpectedly went to hospital by ambulance and later I learned that two other close friends are facing into significant personal challenges – all in the same week.  Intense.  Emotional.  Life threatening. 

It was such an earth-shattering week which suggests to me to expect the unexpected, to truly live in the moment and to be fluid.  Being able to stay centred and grounded as the emotional roller coaster hits is just one practise that helps master overcoming overwhelm.

Here’s my top 5 practises to help you master overcoming overwhelm in 2022.

#1  Cultivate a Daily Practice
How you start your day often has a bearing on how the day unfolds.  Before you switch on your phone or have that morning coffee as you race out the door, STOP.  Slow down.  Can you make some time for you – to breathe deeply, appreciate the sunrise or start of a new day, to do some exercise to energize the body and start with a clear mind are all small daily practises that support your wellbeing.  How can you set your intentions and goals for the day before the outside world sets it for you?
#2  Learn to Nurture Being Centered and Grounded
Turn off the news and tune into you.  Start with some long slow breaths to calm the nervous system  and allow the body to relax.  The more relaxed you are the better the decisions you will make.  Learn to meditate, to be in the present moment where you can just be.  Choose to embrace the qualities to be calm, centred and grounded.  Connect with a higher power through meditation or prayer.  Go for a walk in nature and literally plant your feet barefoot on the ground. The best way to do this is to make this an everyday practise so that when you really need it, it is easy to do.

#3  Develop Your Intuition
Everyone is intuitive and nothing beats following your internal guidance system that never fails.  Normally we override it with our minds or try to apply logic to something that doesn’t appear to be supported by fact.  Yet intuition is powerful and represents a deep inner knowing.  That’s why cultivating a daily practise and learning to be centred and grounded support intuitive development and growth.  When faced with having to make decisions with minimal information, its your intuition that’s going to help you navigate the unexpected with grace.

#4  Create Community
There is strength in community.  Stronger together.  Everything is evolving and we each will be challenged in our beliefs, our shadow self and in our own unique ways to support personal growth and collective evolution.  Things that haven’t been dealt with will come up for conscious awareness and healing.  Face into what needs to be faced and consciously deal with things as they arise so you can be free of the past, and wiser for the experience.  Creating community creates support, compassion and heartfulness so you have people around who can help you when you need it, as you will do for them.

#5  Simplify
In a world driven by consumerism, we have on the whole more than we need.  De-clutter.  Have a give-away ceremony where you consciously release clothes, books and items that you no longer need or use.  Look around you and you will see what you value.  Become more conscious on how you spend your money and how that links to your values, health and overall wellbeing.  Create space in your environment by clearing one drawer at a time or one room at a time and embrace minimalism with the concept ‘less is more.’  Learn to focus on what truly matters by simplifying.

In summary, I invite you to pick one of these practises and master overcoming overwhelm.  Commit to actioning it so it becomes automatic.

This is our time to step more into our true and authentic selves, to realize more of our potential and to embrace our common humanity as we create a world that supports the wellbeing of the whole.  But first it starts with you.

Let me know which one you’re going to master.

With love,
Jo x

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