There I was reading the national newspaper.  Ordinarily I don’t buy the paper, but my neighbour left it for me, so I thought I’d take a stroll between the pages.

The photo and headline on the front page read like an atomic bomb had just gone off which made me feel sick in the stomach.  The stories continued with huge double page spreads containing enormous grim images setting off more alarm bells. 

The world I was reading about started to look incredibly threatening and scary which made me want to run to the hills, hibernate in a cave and ideally occasionally poke my nose out to see if it’s safe to come back out!

Luckily after the Sports Section was a reprieve with crosswords to challenge my thinking and the day’s horoscope to entertain or inform me what my day could be like.

Then I took a breath and looked up. 

Out the window, nature seemed to carry on as if nothing’s amiss.  Just another hot summer’s day with the sun bursting its golden rays across the land, the cicadas merrily singing away and the waters gently murmuring with each wave.

I skimmed the whole paper and decided the news was not newsworthy. 

It made me wonder what had happened to the quality of news and reporting? 

Has it always been this way or is it just me? Why are we fixated on drama and fear inducing stories?  In many ways that’s all they are.  Just a story.  Which of course, could be read any way you like, just as you’re reading this.

For me though, filling my mind up with negative and fear provoking news is a choice.

A choice that I’m not willing to take.

That’s why I don’t buy the paper.

Or watch TV.

Instead, I believe you need to go within and get your news from your inner wise self.  What does it want you to know?  What guidance is it edging you to take?  Can you perceive the energy of the day and what this means for you?  Can you align with your own stars and create your own horoscope? Can you allow your inner authority to choose what is right for you? 

Can you perceive truth, or do you accept others truths as yours?

Can you tune into your inner truth and act on that? 

These are questions to amplify owning your authority, to raise your consciousness, and help you to reconnect with your inner wise self or spirit.

Be conscious of who and what takes your attention and how that makes you feel.  Trust your inner authority and listen to how you feel.  Empower yourself to overcome your own fears and put faith in yourself to act on what is right for you.

As you raise your consciousness, you will see things in a new light and develop a sense of inner peace, inner knowing and inner confidence to own your inner authority to lead you through any change or challenge.  Tune in to your own source of news and allow that to guide your decisions and choices that benefit not only you, but the greater good. 

Because when we come from a place of empowerment and love, we come from the heart.  The heart is your super-power and gateway to higher consciousness.  Own your authority to be true to you and follow your hearts truth.  That’s what I felt compelled to share with you today.

Offered with love,

Jo Hutchinson x
Conscious Leadership and Well-Being
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