Spiritual Journeys for The Awakened Soul

I am thrilled to let you know that I am now offering spiritual journeys on Waiheke on a regular basis.  I’ve already done a few of these in the last twelve months or more, which came about when specific people who have been working with me asked me to help them expand their spiritual awareness and connection with nature so that they could increase their intuition, read the signs, harmonize and heal to the new energies.  This is not new – I have led many personal development tours to Egypt and South America in the past ten years and now I’m called to offer this here.

With the heat of summer right now, I am currently offering one day journeys that immerse in nature under the canopy of the Whakanewha Regional Park.  And coming soon, will be three day retreats plus other journeys throughout regions of New Zealand.  And yes, whilst another lockdown is likely, it’s not about buying into fear.  It is about flowing with the energies, strengthening not only your immune system, but your connection with your soul and spirit, while making the most of what we have on our doorstep.

If this sounds like you, read on …

Leave the city behind,  release stress, enhance your well-being and spiritual connection with the Earth.

Journey personally with Jo Hutchinson, Visionary, EnLightened Leadership Coach and Reiki Master into Whakanewha Regional Park where you will be walking ancient trails, stopping at key points to have an immersive and insightful personal experience, opening your senses to the magic and mystery that nature offers. 

Each of the stops are a reference point in your personal development and will seed new awareness, insights and awakenings.  You will tune into your inner oracle and write what comes to you as you seed your new story, shed light on your challenges and create your new beginning.

Release outmoded beliefs, thoughts and emotions that keep you feeling trapped, overwhelmed or anxious. 

Allow nature to re-calibrate your energy, enhance your well-being, and build your intuitive muscles.

Let the new seeds be sown, and set your dreams in motion.

Leave feeling clear, empowered, and refreshed.

Need More Info?
#1 – Small Group – maximum 5 people.  We will be walking forest tracks and it is recommended to wear suitable walking shoes.  These tracks are suitable for all levels of fitness and are approximately 4.5kms.

#2  Outline of Day
09.00am                      Catch Fullers ferry to Waiheke Island
09.45am                      Meet Jo on Waiheke Ferry terminal and transfer to Whakanewha Regional Park
10.00am – 1.00pm    Nature immersion and walking
1.00pm – 1.30pm      Lunch break
1.30pm – 2.30pm      Integration
2.30pm                       Transfer to Matiatia  
3.00pm                       Catch return ferry to Auckland
#3  Launch special just $147 valid until 12th of February, then $197 thereafter.

#4  Dates  Fridays 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of February.  Other dates by appointment.

#5  Terms Requires a minimum 2 people

#6  What to Bring
Bring your own lunch, water, hat, sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the weather.  Bring a journal to write in.

#7  What’s Included:
On island transfers
Personal guidance, facilitation and mentoring

#8  What’s Excluded:
Ferry Tickets

#9 To Book e. jo@greatspirit.co.nz, or call/text Jo on 027 4144 291
Lina did this a year ago and said…
“I spent a year in New Zealand which wasn’t easy for me.  A few days before leaving New Zealand, Jo took me on this amazing walk with her.   We hiked through a majestic forest, where I felt the powerful trees, then down to a river where the fresh and pure water was reviving.  Then we stopped and sat for a moment taking in this stunning place with nature all around us and I felt one with it all.  I was quiet. I felt a great sense of inner peace after what had been a very difficult year in NZ, and I even remember crying while out there.  I felt relieved.

Jo was there with me all the way and knew how to step back to let me enjoy all the energy and feelings I was experiencing.  She gently guided me to the different places where we stopped.  I can highly recommend this experience to cleanse your mind and support your well-being.”  Lina Kah

And lastly, if you’d love to read about some of my experiences, hit reply and I’ll send you my short story called ‘Journeys of the Heart and Spirit.’

Much love and light to your ongoing evolution,
Jo xx