By Jo Hutchinson

Last month, I wrote about ‘Being Bold, Being Brave and Nurturing those Dreams’ and already that was four weeks ago.  When I wrote this, I had been reflecting on how the re-planting of my garden was a metaphor doing the groundwork for the planting of the new inner dream.

So now it’s 4 weeks later and I have noticed that day by day, the weeds have slowly crept in and are now taking root (isn’t it funny how they have been there all along, then one day we really notice them?).  In a similar way, just as I felt so clear about my direction a month ago, I feel I have lost a little of that edge that I felt then – I think it’s a bit like how amazing we feel after our holidays and then after a while, we get caught up in day to day life that our holiday begins to fade.   

So for me, I only need to look out the window to see what I need to do and I draw my inspiration from nature.  The weeds in my garden are showing me that it’s time to weed the garden again – inner and outer and to feel the renewed clarity and life force that comes with this. The seasons are changing too – day by day, almost unnoticeable and then, suddenly, we realise how much darker it is in the morning.

We live in such a dynamic world where things change all the time and sometimes quickly, that the idea of planning is one thing and so is going with the flow – finding the balance between the 2 points and being willing to change, adjust and flex. I have always found that when I have clarity, things flow.  For me 2 of the most powerful questions I use are;

  1. What do I want?
  2. What do I need right now?

Then I know what I need to do next that keeps me on the path of my dreams and I do not accidentally end up following the dreams of others.  I believe we are each here for a reason and a greater purpose and our life is about walking our unique path and sharing with the world, our uniqueness.  This is what it means to be authentic and one that requires courage, that’s why we have the word ‘encourage’ (or should I say in-courage) and can draw on the strength of others when we need it.   It is so easy to get distracted and just as easy to allow the mind to rule over the heart, but in the end, the heart knows what makes your spirit joyful, light and happy.  And this is one purpose that we all share.

With love


Jo Hutchinson is Mentoring and Facilitating Change and Growth

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 “My passion is helping and supporting people and leaders to have the confidence, courage and clarity to make life choices and changes that align with their greatest potential to contribute to the planet”.

 The 5 Key Ways I can help you:

  1. Personal Mentoring and Facilitating Change a Super Vitamin ‘C’ boost of  Confidence, Courage and Clarity.
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  3. Corporate Facilitator – when you need independent help to ‘get everyone on the same page’.
  4. Inspirational Speaker and Workshop Presenter– creating inspiring events to energise your people to Step Up.
  5. Facilitating Time Out Retreats in New Zealand, Peru, Bolivia and Egypt – connecting the spirit of people to the love, wisdom and power places on the Earth.

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