Have you noticed how artificial intelligence is everywhere?  Technology designed to bring us more of what we want has both its positive and negative aspects.

I was talking with a friend the other day about Netflix and how when I open my browser, I get a totally different world view than he does, simply because of our past choices.  The algorithm is always re-calibrating. Of course, it’s the same in Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and the like.

Back in the day, our source of information and entertainment traditionally was word of mouth.  Later came the radio, TV, newspapers and now social media.  Each tool has, in its own way been deliberately chosen as to what we see and hear, thus contributing to our narrative or world view.

In ancient times we relied on ourselves as well as the shamans, seers and medicine people to connect to the Universe, with nature and read the signs using a higher intuitive intelligence.

I love the idea that innately we think we all see the world the same way, yet wisdom teaches us that we see the world as we are – with our unique lens on life.  There is power in diversity of thought as it challenges assumptions, expands perspectives and offers new insights.

Just yesterday, I got the insight that our minds are the same as AI.  You see whatever we keep thinking about creates a memory, an experience and we continue to attract more of that energy and thus experience.  Our lens on life can get a bit narrow if we keep going over the same thinking and/or are exposed to the same ‘news’ which shapes our world view and creates an emotional feeling that could be labelled good or bad.

We all know how powerful the mind can be from imagining the best to catastrophising to the worst.  What you feed your mind is what feeds your body as the two are inextricably linked.  Of course, this is within your control and something you want to be vigilant on as it is easy to fall into fear-based thinking.

We are at an important juncture in our earthly existence as we navigate these significant changes, we are all experiencing. A transitional time that you may call a crisis.  For me, I see it as a spiritual crisis where so many people are disconnected from their spirit or soul.  Meaningless work and soul sucking jobs that rob you of joy. There is pain and I do not deny that and yet at the same time, it’s beautiful.  From crisis and chaos comes new growth.  Opportunity.  An awakening.  A shift.

All of my meditations this week have the recurring theme about letting things go.  Allowing the old to be released and fall away.  Not holding on to anything too tightly.  Allowing the old structures or foundations to fade.  Beliefs too. What isn’t working or isn’t in resonance with your vibration is no longer needed for the journey ahead.  Give thanks for how it has served you and free yourself to create a new future that aligns with the ‘new’ you. 

Develop the spiritual muscle of trust and belief in yourself and own your authority as a sovereign being to choose what is right for you.  Activate your visioning skills.  Be the visionary and architect of a new future.

If you are sensitive or an empath then you may be feeling things intensely which often is not even your energy, but the energy of others.  Go easy and give yourself space. For those of you who have opened up your spiritual connection and intuitive gifts, you may find new passions emerging or old ones re-awakening ready to be actioned.

If you need help, reach out.  My focus is on Leadership, Spirituality and Wellbeing.  I’m doing everything virtual these days so if you need some safe space to explore your emotional reality, breakthrough limits, shift your energy and create a new pathway forward, then I’d love to help. 

Stay in your heart.
With love,

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