Where are we Now?

January was the first month of your new decade.  It set the scene for a cracking year ahead.  The pace.  Where time feels like it has sped up.  Many have started the new year feeling exhausted, even after taking a break or having a holiday.  This is a sign that self-care is going to play a bigger role than ever before as you ground the new energies and harmonise with the frequencies of the new earth.

People are waking up to the devastation on our planet as the climate extremes come closer to home.  To be seen, felt and experienced.  No longer can they be denied or ignored.  The loss of life is at unprecedented levels, signalling the wake-up call that is needed.  Water too will become more and more of an issue as the year unfolds. 

These extremes pinpoint the need for adaptability.  The belief around the ‘survival of the fittest’ gives way to the’ survival of the most adaptable.’  Nature knows this. The trees are an obvious example where they work together to support each other through their root system.  Likewise, humanity needs to work together, to cooperate and collaborate to adapt.  You will see new alliances and new leaders emerge as people come together through need, necessity and stewardship.  

What to Expect

The sense I have for February is a month of disruption, a month of more catalytic change.  Not to be feared but rather an opportunity to adapt and move forward  more fluidly.  The literal sense of ‘going with the flow’, of having trust that everything is working out for a higher good.  In my vision, I see the falling tower signifying changes to structures and foundations.  

Disruption is like re-direction.  If the obstacle is in the way, then think differently to find the pathway forward again.  Do not be afraid to let go of things that aren’t working.  Favour ‘ease’ over control and rigid thinking that things must be done a certain way.  Tune into your heart’s wisdom – where is it calling you to go?  Trust.  Have faith. Draw on your inner courage to do what feels right for you.

The Way Forward

Re-think what’s working and what’s not.  Observe your foundations and structures in your life.  Notice what needs to be changed.  Go within. Journal. 

Make changes as you go (rather than cling on to nay one way to tightly) and you will find it easier to flow with these energies and cycles.   

Be careful not to be swept up in mass hysteria and media.  Rather use your inner resources of clear knowing (claircognizance), to trust your feelings (clairsentience) and listen to your heart to discern the truth, to stay calm, centered and grounded.  Learn to ride the waves so you flow with them and therefore embrace adaptability.

Honour your need for self-care, for space and quiet time.  These are breathing moments for the soul so you can hear the voice of your heart and spirit and let it guide you forward.  Less doing, more being.  Embody ease and flow.  Faith and trust.

Big love,


Jo Hutchinson MBA

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Jo Hutchinson MBA is a Leadership Coach, Mentor and Facilitator who’s on purpose ‘to ignite the spark so that you may fulfill your greater purpose.’ She’s especially passionate about helping women rise up, unlock their potential to lead courageously and create a bigger impact. As a Master Reiki Practitioner, she uses the principles and practises of ‘ReikiZen’ to reduce stress, support inner wellbeing and shift your energy.  Lead confidently, live courageously and communicate from the heart.

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