The fact that we’ve just passed the shortest day of the year and are now in winter in the Southern Hemisphere means we just passed a natural turning point – the solstice.  This is where the sun is at its lowest point relative to the equator and now the light slowly increases until it reaches its peak in 6 months’ time.

“Solstice” comes from two Latin words: sol meaning “sun” and sistere meaning “to stand still” because it appeared as though the sun and moon had stopped moving across the sky.

All over the world, we find ancient civilizations who built temples and monolith structures to honour the cycle and movements of the sun and the moon.  The solstice was a time of celebration with elaborate ceremonies and rituals, some of which continue today like those in Cusco, Peru where June is an entire month of celebrations, peaking with the solstice.

The sun is essential for life so the solstice is a turning point that holds the promise of renewed life.

Winter heralds many gifts – long nights and shorter days, the warmth of cosy fires and snug clothes, the crisp frost and white snow, a time where we naturally spend more time indoors.  After the busy energies that summer and autumn bring, it is also a time to rest and rejuvenate.

In today’s world, we are often out of sync with nature and the natural cycles.  We can escape the winter, jump on a plane and be in the northern hemisphere enjoying summer in a matter of hours.  Whether we honour it or not, the truth is that our lives are affected by the subtle changes in the natural world and I discovered life flows easier when we work with the natural rhythm and energy of the cycles that lie before us.  Our lives are entwined – always changing and renewing, just as in nature.

Go within.

Like a seed that pushes its way through the soil to grow into the light, life merges from the darkness.  I’ve found it to be a perfect time to go within and contemplate my dreams.  Taking some quiet time to listen to that inner voice that knows what we’re here to do and seed our expanding potentials to create a life with purpose and meaning is truly a great gift. It feeds the spirit and nurtures the soul.

How about you?  When do you take the opportunity to give yourself a break, to be still, to be quiet, to dream and create?  To see what has served its purpose and is ready to be let go of and to see what you need to nurture for the journey ahead? What excites you now?  What brings you a deep sense of joy and fulfilment?  What qualities do you need to embody on this next stage of your growth and evolution?

Use this cycle to renew your connection with yourself, your dreams, and passions.  Winter is a turning point that you can utilise to live more consciously and re-create the life you’ve always dreamed of.  The seed is within you, waiting to be recognised and nurtured into form.

Enjoy the journey,

With love



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