“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” – Dr Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winner.

Energy is the key to life – it’s our life force!


At the heart of conscious leadership is the ability to optimise your wellbeing and energy levels by having self-care practises in place to help you overcome the demands of today’s world. Long hours, constant online and offline meetings, feeling isolated or anxious, having a mind that never switches off all deplete your energy, effectiveness and happiness over time.

Recalibrate with Reiki

Leaders need to be able to inspire their people with energy, passion, vision and aligned action so that they can work together efficiently and achieve common goals. A Reiki session helps calm the nervous system, which makes it easier to tune into your inner awareness, and receive intuitive messages from your subconscious mind with greater ease. This means that you’re better able to see beyond what’s right in front of you and recognise opportunities that might otherwise have been missed if you were feeling stressed out or anxious.

What is the Ancient Art of Reiki?

Reiki is both a philosophy and way of life, as well as an ancient Japanese technique that has been practised for centuries to promote healing, reduce stress, and alleviate anxiety. The word “Reiki” is Japanese for “universal life force”. The teaching is based on the idea that an unseen energy flows through us and around us. It is believed that this energy keeps us alive. If one’s “life force” or “energy flow” becomes depleted, then the body becomes run-down and is unable to heal itself. Reiki may help bring healing to the body by recalibrating the energies within, providing mental clarity and a sense of wellbeing.

People who receive Reiki report feeling calm, relaxed, and at peace. Please note Reiki is not a substitute or replacement for medical care, treatment or diagnosis. While Reiki promotes stress reduction and relaxation, it is recommended that you seek a licensed physician or health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you have.

Reiki is Beneficial to Conscious Leadership

Jo Hutchinson is a certified Reiki Master and offers Reiki to complement her coaching and mentoring services. Leaders can benefit from Reiki in many ways:

  • Reiki helps you deal with the stress and pressure of leadership
  • Reiki enables you to see issues that need attention with clarity
  • Reiki shifts your focus away from judgment towards compassion
  • Reiki helps you receive guidance to assist in making decisions
  • Reiki helps you develop an inner sense of awareness

Virtual Reiki Sessions During the Coronavirus

Reiki typically involves the recalibration of energy through the practitioner’s hands. However, this is just one is one technique. With social distancing rules in place, many are seeking to explore the advantages of Reiki treatments remotely.

The goal of Reiki is to support energetic wellbeing from a holistic perspective. This is achievable through virtual sessions.

Energy has no bounds and is not limited by distance. This makes virtual Reiki sessions as powerful as in person and alleviates social distancing and any concerns around being in close proximity with a practitioner.

It’s all about mindfulness, entering the heart through guided meditation. In this case, the Reiki practitioner is able to transfer their energy from afar. No hands-on physical contact is needed.

Energise your Leadership with Reiki

Are you ready to receive Reiki? I’d love to support you on your new journey. Reiki is uplifting and supportive, aiding in relaxation while tapping into your highest self to find solutions to problems at hand.

Why not experience this energy for yourself?

In-person sessions are available (Covid restrictions permitting) by appointment @ Level 3, 4 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD, or on Waiheke Island. Bookings are essential. Sessions are done in comfortable clothing, either lying down on a table or seated on a chair. Reiki is a safe, gentle energy healing that promotes overall wellbeing.

Reiki Pricing Menu

Reiki session for 65 minutes $150

You can book Virtual Reiki sessions HERE.

We all deserve this kind of energy! Start enjoying Reiki today.

If you’re not sure this is right for you, please contact Jo for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss how Reiki can help you be at your best and take your leadership to the next level.

Email jo@greatspirit.co.nz or call Jo on 027 414 4291.

What others say:

“The treatment gave me such clarity of mind and a feeling of self-confidence in that clarity.  Just speaking with Jo, I felt reassured and able to focus on what’s important to me.  I recommend Reiki sessions with her – it was great for releasing pain from the body too and her work is amazing.”  JE – Auckland

“Energy Medicine is the future of our health.” – Dr. Norm Shealy MD, PhD.

Love More Worry Less, Energy Medicine with Jo Hutchinson