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Jo was a corporate leader, entrepreneur and mother who knew there were more fulfilling
aspects of life she wanted to experience. Her journey took her to sacred sites in Greece,
Egypt, Japan, and New Zealand. At each stop along the way, she overcame obstacles and
experienced epiphanies.

She pushed through until her true self emerged. Jo now shares how others can find their
own happiness by listening to their true selves today, rather than dwelling on what could be
or should have been.

“The Courage to Be You” is a practical and inspirational guide to becoming the enlightened
female leader you were destined to be.

It will show you how to challenge your mindset, create healthy relationships with others,
and complete your life’s purpose. The book includes read-worthy stories about the author’s
personal experiences throughout the journey of searching for her own self-actualization.

From the author: “I’m writing this book to share what I’ve learned about leadership, and
how we can evolve as leaders in the 21st Century. As we face the challenges of our time, I
believe that it is imperative for us to rethink leadership and the ways we may lead in both
our personal and professional lives. This book is a culmination of my personal journey.”

Are you struggling with self-doubt? Trying to find the courage to be your true self? Your turn